That’s Pants! What’s Behind The Huge Price Hike On Your Knickers

Walk down the aisle of a supermarket, high street pharmacy or clothes shop and you’ll know which is the women’s side, thanks to the abundance of pink and gimmicky frills that are still (somehow) being sold to us.

And we know it comes with a cost. Known as the “pink tax”, it’s no secret that women’s toiletries are more expensive than men, even if they’re the same item (think razors, skincare, hair products).

But our clothes are also more expensive than our counterparts. According to Office for National Statistics data, even women’s underwear is not safe from inflation (despite having less material than men’s).

Sky News analysis found that your knickers cost on average 37% more than they did five years ago (whereas mens’ smalls have gone up by just 25%).

Bras have also gone up in price, by about as much as wages. Items such as nail varnish and perfume have soared by 40%.

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