Liz Truss Accused Of Dodging Scrutiny As She Avoids Andrew Neil And Nick Robinson

Rishi Sunak’s campaign has accused Liz Truss has been accused of dodging scrutiny after she refused to be interviewed by Andrew Neil and Nick Robinson.

Both of the broadcasting big-hitters have interrogated Sunak about how he would run the country if he became prime minister.

However, Truss has so far turned down both men’s invitations to subject herself to a similar grilling.

At the end of his BBC TV interview with Sunak last night, Robinson said: “So far, she hasn’t been able to find a time or a date to do it. The invitation, of course, remains open. We’re told she’s still considering it.”

A source close to Sunak told Huff Post UK: “It’s important that the plans of whoever becomes prime minister are clearly set out and properly scrutinised for the sake of the party and the country.

“If you want to lead you have to be accountable and not shy away from difficult things.”

However, a Truss campaign source dismissed the criticism.

“Liz has been interviewed almost every day of the campaign – by multiple outlets and journalists, both national and local,” the source said.

“She’s met thousands of members right across the country and answered their questions. This will continue over the coming weeks.”

During last night’s interview, former BBC political editor Robinson delivered a zinger over the “emergencies” battering the UK.

He told Sunak: “In just half an hour, you and I have gone through a whole series of emergencies – there’s a whole lot more I’m sure you wanted to say more on.

“An emergency in the economy, an emergency over energy bills, an emergency in the NHS, an emergency with our borders, and our standards in public life.

“When you discover who’s been running the country for the past 12 years, you’re going to be really cross, aren’t you?”

The former chancellor replied: “Well, no actually, there was lots that I was very proud of to have participated in in government.

“We talked about the pandemic response, protecting over ten million jobs, saving business, ensuring that our economy remained resilient through the worst shock it had faced in 300 years.

“I’m proud of what I achieved in government, I’m not going to run away from that and, actually, that’s why people should now look at me as the person who can be the person to lead us forward.”

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