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Having been curtailed from operating due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Radcliffe Dance Academy has resumed its weekly instruction classes in R.A.D., syllabus, under qualified instruction.

The classes are held weekly in Buttevant and Charleville with qualified instruction from tutor, and co-ordnator, Ms Lesley Ann Radcliffe. Buttevant classes are held on Friday evenings in the Muintir na Tire Hall, Buttevant, with classes being held, in Charleville, on Saturdays.

Examinations in tuition studies are optinal. Places in the classes are limited, and all tuition activities, are Covid compliant. For all details and information contact Lesley Ann Radcliffe on 087 1201001.


With so many events having been curtailed over the past year or more, the annual Shoebox Christmas Appeal also suffered, due to the restrictions, imposed worldwide. The Christmas Shoebox Appeal in Buttevant will take place again this year and will welcome all contributions, no matter how little or large. Buttevant has always been an ardent supporter of this worthy cause and appeal, and this year, I am sure will be no exception. For all information, please contact long-standing appeal co-ordinator, Ms Mary Corbett, Main Street, Buttevant.


Buttevant’s long established, and Award Winning School, of Dance, resume their regular dance classes, on this Saturday, October 9, in Buttevant Community Council, Muintir na Tire Hall, following the lifting of the Covid-19-Pandemic restrictions.

Numbers attending classes will be limited, for the present, but will be reviewed accordingly. Please contact classes co-ordinator, and teacher Theresa at your earliest convenience on 087-2424143 for all details, and enquiries.


During the past few days, working members of the Board of Works, in conjunction with Buttevant Heritage Group, have been busy in Buttevant, erecting some new signs, to compliment those already in situ at various locations within the town.

These signs contain relevant information regarding the heritage and history appertaining to Buttevant, throughout its existence, on how the first inhabitants existed, built homes, developed businesses, raised families, and made Buttevant well known throughout the world.

These signs are very eye catching, colourful, informative, and give major information regarding Buttevants’ history, and heritage. These signs will be full of information, particularly for visiting tourists, local history buffs, and present and future generations.


Following the long suspension, of all indoor gatherings, due to the -Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions, the weekly “Bingo Seasion”, has returned to, Buttevant G.A.A., for the long anticipation, of the regular players. The “Bingo Session”, re-commenced, on Monday night September 13th, and was well attended, and supported by the local “Bingo Brigade”. These sessions were, and will be a weekly “get-together”, and social occassion, for many local, and visiting, attendees. Scanning, of patrons, will commence at 7.30p.m. for an 8.00p.m. start. Wishing you all the best of luck, and “eyes down”, for your gaming outlet, and occasion.


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many parishes locally, and nationwide, have has to re-schedule their weekend, and weekly Mass services. This arrangement has also come about, due to the decrease, in vocations, to the priesthood. Buttevant has also to adhere to this arrangement with and including local parishes. These new arrangements will come into force on the first weekend of October.

No vigil mass in Churchtown or Liscarroll throughout the year. Vigil Mass in Buttevant at 6.30p.m. in February, April, June, August, October and December. Vigil Mass in Lisgriffin, at 6.30p.m., in January, March, May, July, September and November. Vigil Mass in Ballyclough at 7.30p.m. throughout the year.

Sunday Mass in Liscarroll at 9.00a.m., throughout the year. Sunday Mass, In Kilbrin, at 10.00a.m., throughout the year. Sunday Mass in Churchtown, at 11.00a.m. throughout the year. Sunday Mass in Buttevant at 12 noon, throughout the year. Monday Mass in Buttevant at 10.00a.m. every week.

Tuesday Mass in Lisgriffin at 10.00a.m. every week. Wednesday Mass in Buttevant at 10.00a.m. every week. No Mass on Thursdays in this parish. Thursday Mass in Liscarroll at 10.00a.m. throughout the year.

Friday Mass in Buttevant at 10.00a.m. every week.


Down through the years, the local “Post Office”, has been a mainstay in the life of Buttevant Town, its people, businesses, and many North Cork hinterlands. Buttevant Post Office offers a range of financial services, which have increased since the closure of the local previous bank service, and branch.

Buttevant Post Office offers a wide range of banking services, to the local inhabitants, and also provides a service, to nearby parishes, and communities. The services include banking with AIB, Ulster Bank and will soon have Bank of Ireland service available, for customers. The office also provides, Cash/Lodgements/Withdrawls; Cheque Lodgements; Business Lodgements; Credit Card Payments; Cash Lodgements; Business Lodgements(Cash Only), and many other services for all customers.


Many, and several businesses, have re-opened, following the lifting of Covid-19- restrictions. Commercial, academic, and shopping outlets, have again come on stream, giving a format of near normality, to the general public.

Buttevant has seen the emergence of, some new businesses, which will have an impact on, the life of the community, and the town,in general. The local vetenary clinic has, in recent weeks, expanded its premises, and given a new look to, the town square area. Also, in close proximity, a Stone, Gravel, Sand, and general building materials facility, has opened on a site, on the Doneraile Road area, of the town. Some premises, have also been given a “face-lift”, and “new-look” appearance, which enhances the appearance, of the town, in general. Best of luck, to these new ventures, and also to all existing businesses, and developers.


Having been suspended, due to the Covid-19-Pandemic, Buttevant Soccer Club’s weekly lotto draw has been re-instated, and membership can be had through local retail outlets, and appointed soccer club members. The weekly lotto jackpot Monetary Prize Fund has reached the princely sum of €3,300, and will continue to rise, weekly till won, by some lucky draw entrant. The winning, or sharing, of this substantial ‘jackpot’, rests on, the choice of four lucky numbers to match the four lucky numbers drawn on draw night.

The draw takes place weekly on Thursday night at the club pavilion, at New Street, Buttevant, and is live streamed on the club’s live-stream’ facility. So buy a draw ticket and be in with a chance, to win, or share €3,300.


Buttevant Soccer Club has put out a new “We Want You” appeal to anybody who is interested in and willing to be part of the clubs’ “New Adventure” in becoming part of a new divisional team within the club and the challenging “Munster Senior League” division of the “ Cork Soccer Scene”. Buttevant Soccer Club has decided to enter a playing team in this challenging league for the forthcoming season. By the time you read this report a meeting will have been held to organise and register new team members for this new challenging club adventure. The club has allegedly appointed a new top-class “coach” and back-room team” to progress the teams’ journey in and through this higher standard of “Senior Soccer Participation”. Wishing the club and its’ committee and members every success in this new high- standard playing division of the “Munster Senior League”.


With the current climate, due to persistent “”-Covid-19- Pandemic-Restrictions”- prevailing, please be very wary of ‘texts’, “messages”, “unknown” telephone numbers”? you may receive, which may entice you, to reveal your personal bank details, financial information, and other Information, that may put you in a vulnerable position, and relieve you of your hard-earned cash, and/or life savings. Even if your telephone rings, and you lift, or answer, the call, you will be registered as having taken, the call, even when nobody replies, or answers you. Some of these scam prefixes, may resemble Irish, or local area codes, to intice you , to make a donation, or other contribution. These “calls”, could originate in, or be be calling from, anywhere in the world. Always check numbers texts addresses and all. It is better. To be sure than sorry.


For some time now, there is an absolute need for, a public toilet/convenience , in Buttevant, particularly with the -”Covid-19-”, still raging, and local public houses, restaurants, and other places of possible use of, “spending-the-proverbial-penny”, are urrently un-available, when the need arises. As there appears to be, an increase,and interest in, tourism footfall, and constant through traffic, the use of “out-of-the-way-hidden-nooks-and -crannies”, is in the long-gone,”days-of-yore”.

With litter also becoming an ever-increasing problem, on our streets, it is worth discussing the re-instating, of “litter-bins”, on the Main Street, and side- streets, of the town. Everybody would agree that the previous “bins”, were abused, and often left, over-flowing, and not collected, regularly. Let us all make, a “decisive-organised-combined-effort”, to educate ourselves, and others, on the benefits of, having a sense of,”cleanliness”,”respect”,and “pride”, in our “town”, “people,””place of living”, and , perhaps of “future employment”, and become proud, and respectful, of ourselves, relatives, neighbours, and friends”.


Buttevant Development Group under the auspices of Buttevant Community Council has organised a “Community Development Group” to survey access and develop new and potentially viable businesses employment and projects that will enhance progress and develop Buttevant as a potential habitable area and have possible employment opportunities and a good environment to live work and perhaps raise a family in and have a prosperous life-style in. This progressive and positive group has already been active and have made many prospective contacts with several businesses and companies who would be interested in developing their homes businesses and possible viable industries in the Buttevant area.

This Development Group is made up of positive young forward-looking people who have some great ideas projects and potential plans that will In-time bring back “life activity progress and prosperity” to make Buttevant attractive vibrant and “full-of-life and activity” for future generations.


Buttevant Saint Vincent de Paul association, has a dedicated helpline, for those in the community, who may need assistance, to provide for themselves, or their families. Please contact, -086-0209477, in strictest confidence.



Bingo continues every Monday and it is great to have everyone back. Reminder that it will start at 8.30 pm.

Lotto results

There was no winner of the Jackpot. Numbers drawn, 8, 9, 26, 33. Lucky Dip winners – Thomas O’Reilly, Kilbrin, Pat Buckley, Kilbrin, Joe Noonan, Lismire, Ian Kelleher, Kilbrin, John O’Callaghan, Kilcorney.Next draw will take place on Wednesday 20th October.

GAA news

JAHC semi final: Kilbrin played Dromtarriffe in the semi final of this year’s Junior A Hurling Championship last Sunday in Kanturk. Kilbrin started brightly and with the aid of a Stephen O Reilly goal,the teams were level at the first water break on the scoreline of 1-04 to 0-07. Dromtarriffe began to pick off some nice points and went in at half time 6 points in front. An early Dromtarriffe goal in the second half wasn’t the ideal start but Kilbrin never gave up and brought the gap down to ,5 points at the end of normal time. However, a long spell of injury time resulted in another Dromtarriffe goal and they emerged winners on the final scoreline of 2-26 to 1-17. They now play Mill Street in the final.

Fixtures: Sunday October 17th JBFC1 Kilbrin v Dromtarriffe @ Castlemagner, 12 noon ET if required.


Kilbrin community would like to offer our sincere condolences to Phil Nolan, and family on the death of her husband Pat, who died recently. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

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