Amanda Knox hits out at new Matt Damon movie ‘Stillwater’ – ‘I was treated as a plot device’

Amanda Knox has hit out at the creators of new movie Stillwater, which is loosely based on her wrongful conviction and exoneration for the murder of roommate Meredith Kercher.

nox spent four years in prison in Italy for the 2007 murder of her British student Kercher.

Knox was later acquitted of any involvement in the murder.

The American author and activist has said the way in which the Stillwater story is told “reinforces the image of me as a guilty and untrustworthy person.”

Knox says that Tom McCarthy and Matt Damon spent time on portraying the people of Oklahoma (where Damon’s character hails from) as accurately as possible but, “when it came to me, that was overlooked”.

She said nobody involved in the movie ever contacted her and “instead of treating me as an actual person, I was treated as a plot device”.

A Twitter thread by Knox went viral last weekend after the release of Stillwater, in which she says writer and director Tom McCarthy “fictionalised away my innocence and my total lack of involvement”.

Stillwater is based on an American student wrongfully convicted of the murder of her roommate in Marseille and her father (Matt Damon) trying to prove his daughter’s innocence.

“I have spoken out to start a conversation about the ethics of storytelling and the characters pitched as plot devices as opposed to real people.

“They used a watered-down version of the narrative cast by my prosecutors.

“I was concerned about how my name and the case my name is associated with was going to be retold and recast and framed in this new fictionalisation. I was dismayed to find that it was represented in a really irresponsible way,” Knox told RTÉ Radio in an interview.

Knox said the filmmakers appeared not to give any consideration to the effect the story they told may have on her and never contacted her about the storyline.

“The premise that the filmmakers started off with is ‘young woman involved in a crime abroad and her being indirectly responsible for the death of her roommate, whom she had a sexual relationship with’.

“All of which are premises that derive from a false narrative around my case.

“I understand that fiction always borrows from reality but there are consequences to which stories we tell and how we tell them.

“When there are infinite stories we can tell…there is a moral obligation to ask ourselves ‘why am I telling this story this way and who has the most at stake with what I’m developing.”

Knox says she feels she “should” go to see Stillwater and said she’s not angry with Matt Damon or director Tom McCarthy.

“My whole approach to this has never been from a place of litigiousness.

“I don’t think Matt Damon or Tom McCarthy were intentionally trying to exploit an innocent person.

“If anything, I think they had good intentions but they overlooked something. Why they overlooked my humanity in this case is an interesting question

“Maybe if we can have that conversation we can all grow from this and have a better perspective of someone who is in my shoes,” she said.

Knox says that in the reality of the murder of Meredith Kercher by Rudy Guede, “I am a peripheral figure to the actual case, which is an important story”.

“The names of the people genuinely involved in that case, Meredith Kercher, the victim, and Rudy Guede, the killer, are not the names associated with that saga.

“My name is associated with it because of a deeply irresponsible media coverage of the case and also the Italian authorities misdirecting their resources in investigating and prosecuting me when they had all of the evidence against the actual killer,” she said.

Knox says it is a “deep tragedy” that the myth surrounding her saga lives on and that some people believe she may have been involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher.

“If a false story gets recycled enough and entrenched enough, that false story ultimately tends to become a kind of reality because a lot of people think it’s the truth without it being based on any evidence.”

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