Tesco shoppers ‘vomit’ after noticing huge issue with chicken

A Tesco shopper has revealed how she has been left ‘vomiting’ after receiving ‘gone off’ chicken in her shopping delivery.

The mum took to parenting forum mumsnet to ask other customers if they had noticed the same problem.

And they flooded the post complaining about similar problems with several supermarkets.

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The post read: “Anyone else had this problem? I live in the middle of nowhere and generally get my shopping delivered each week with Tesco with little to no problems usually. This week I had sausages delivered that were 3 days out of date but this was obviously a picker error more than anything.

“But 3 times recently I’ve had off chicken, when going to open the pack a day or two after delivery and still within date. The smell has made me vomit each time. It’s their own brand standard whole chickens. It’s put me off buying them now and I’ve given up. The smell has put me off chicken tbf. I’ve never had an off chicken until recently. Could it be a supplier issue?

“The first time I just put it down to bad luck and binned it. Because it’s happened since I’ve had to contact them for a refund as spending money on off food to be binned isn’t ideal. Before anyone mentions it, I would love to by everything from the local butcher but money is tight and I tend to get everything delivered due to living remote and two disabled children.

“I would just like to know has anyone else had the same issues with meat recently? Would you complain? I’ve got refunds but they just seem to be quick to give out refunds without addressing an obvious problem.”

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Other users were quick to agree with the mum.

One said: “I had it a few months ago – bought a chicken from Sainsburys, well within the use-by date and when I opened it I just thought “ugh”. Needless to say I didn’t bother cooking it and it went in the bin. I sometimes wonder if things get left outside for too long when it’s warm.

A second wrote: “I had exactly the same a few weeks ago. A Tesco whole chicken. The smell was vile. Could have puked.”

Talking about the current problem with food shortages, a third added: “I get the feeling that supermarkets think we should be grateful enough to be able to buy anything right now and the quality of meat, cheese and fruit and veg has gone right down.”

A fourth wrote: ” Co-op the first time I binned it and assumed it was my fridge (it wasn’t) second time I returned it for a fresh one then I stopped buying them as the smell from the chiller cabinet was awful.”

A fifth said: “We ordered chicken thigh portions as part of our normal Asda shop and got the delivery on Tuesday. Got the chicken out to cook on Thursday (use by date was Today) and the stench of the meat made me vomit it was so bad. It’s happened a few times over the last few months. We assumed it was because of the change in packaging – they now come in a plastic bag type wrapper rather than the box with sealed film over the top – but perhaps it’s a general quality issue with poultry at the moment. Obviously the chicken portions went in the bin and after 20 minutes outside to stop me feeling so sick I was able to rustle something else up for dinner. I’m just glad we hadn’t eaten them on Tuesday or Wednesday as they’d have probably been off enough to make us ill but might not have had such a horrible smell. It was no issue getting a refund from Asda but it’s frustrating.”

And a sixth added: “I definitely found the standard of meat from Tesco has gone down. Last few packs of chicken breasts have been disgusting. I bought from a local butcher last week. I was surprised at how well priced it was and the chicken was delicious! Oh and the bacon-It didn’t shrink down to a quarter of the rasher size and I had the best bacon sarnie I’d had for years.”

Tesco has been approached for a comment.

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