Scots parrot with Edinburgh accent ‘sounds like Mrs Doubtfire’

A hilarious Scottish parrot that sounds like Mrs Doubtfire has gone viral after showing off its favourite phrases including ‘Was ah guid to you the night?” and ‘Am f*****n cold – go shut the windaes hen’.

Onion, who was named after the Still Game dog by her Edinburgh owner Cody Stoddart has became an instant Tik Tok star after Cody shared some of her favourite moments.

The African grey parrot turns four in July and has been with Cody since the bird was three months old.

But what makes Onion stand out from other talking parrots is her thick Edinburgh accent which Cody admits sounds uncannily like Mrs Doubtfire or ‘a Scots granny’.

Two of her most popular videos have already amassed almost three million views between them with phrases like ‘Was ah guid to you the night? See ya later?

“Are you seek (sick) o that? Hello baby, mummy see ya in the morning. Am friggin cold – go shut the windaes hen!!!”.

Cody Stoddart and her amazing parrot Onion

Cody, 23, also has a ferret and cat called George who she shows off online.

She said of her talented quirky feathered friend: “I’ve had her since she was about three months old, and she’ll be four in July.

‘She means the absolute world to me and is genuinely like my wee best pal.”

She added: “I don’t think many people have heard a parrot with an accent so I’m guessing thats why her videos have went a bit crazy.

Scots parrot with Edinburgh accent 'sounds like Mrs Doubtfire'
Cody Stoddart and talented Scots accent parrot Onion

“Everyone says she sounds like an old granny or Mrs Doubtfire but it’s genuinely my mum she copies since she sits with her all day while I’m at work.”

Onion says the odd swear word, and imitates phones ringing even recording and notification noise of an iPhone as well as the beeping sound made by vehicles reversing but Cody says she has a few preferred expressions that Onion uses too.

Scots parrot with Edinburgh accent 'sounds like Mrs Doubtfire'
Onion the parrot is a real character

She said: “My favourites are probably when she’s telling the cat off or when I hear her asking “Where’s Cody?”

I can’t think of anything she won’t say. She mostly just picks things up from listening to everyone talk and have conversations.”

Followers on Tik Tok were left gobsmacked by Onion’s accent.

One said: “Why is it as humans we’ve just accepted that parrots can talk??? It’s really quite terrifying.”

Another added: “That bird has more of a Scottish accent than I do holy shiz.”

Someone else said: “The Oh Helloooooo, very Mrs Doubtfire.”

And another commented: “Onion is the best speaking bird I’ve seen yet.”

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