‘Our house is shaking’ – Fury at noise as lorries hit road bump

Angry Great Barr residents claims their homes have been left ‘shaking’ as lorries pass over a bump in the road caused by gas pipes installation.

And locals living along the busy Queslett Road claim the “frightening” noises sound like explosions or minor earthquakes.

The pipes were laid under six lanes of the Great Barr dual carriageway to connect a new property into the Cadent Gas network in April. A diversion route from the M6 also saw traffic sent onto the road.

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Joan and Colin Witherington, both 68, who live near the pipe installation

But residents say the works have left them suffering a noise nightmare as traffic passes over the uneven bump in the road – a ‘defect’ which the gas company is set to tackle later this month.

Joan Witherington 68, said: “All night our house shakes and our beds and wardrobes rattle. Doors open on their own because of the shaking.

“We used to have minor earthquakes in the past and this feels like that.

“Lorries hit the bumps where the pipe was laid, I think they might not be carrying anything because it sounds like mini explosions.

“It doesn’t help that there is a diversion onto our road from the M6 and a 24 hour Asda up the road. This sends delivery lorries and vehicles onto Queslett Road all the time.”

Joan claims a local councillor visited the site and actually jumped when a lorry drove over the pipe bump as the noise was so loud.

'Our house is shaking' - Fury at noise as lorries hit road bump
Raised strip in middle of the road left by gas pipe roadworks causing noise and vibrations

The issue could not have come at a worst time for Joan as her husband Colin, 68, has Multiple Sclerosis while she is recovering from cancer.

“Its just frightening”, she said.

“The noises and shaking happen all day. It causes us to lose sleep and is just awful.”

According to the couple one family wanted to move away because of the noise, but failed to sell their house because potential buyers were put off by the noise.

Moving away is not an option for Joan, who says they love their house too much.

She added: “We have complained to the council but nothing seems to be done. I feel like money is spent on the Commonwealth Games but not this problem.

“I worry there will be damage to our house structures, and at night there is no speed limit on the M6 so lorries drive faster. Its awful.”

'Our house is shaking' - Fury at noise as lorries hit road bump
Barry Fisher, Queslett Road resident who initially voiced concerns about the noise

Fellow neighbour Marion Dunning, 65, said: “We can’t complain about living on a main road, we know it gets busy., but we didn’t expect all this noise.

“I have lived on this road for 30 years and the noise has gotten worse since the gas pipes were fitted in. You cant even sit peacefully in your garden.

“The noises are like bangs and scare my dog.

“I also worry about the structural damage it could do to my house. I just want the road levelled off.”

'Our house is shaking' - Fury at noise as lorries hit road bump
Queslett Road, Great Barr

A spokesman for Cadent, which manages the local gas network, said: “We did some work here back in April to connect a new property into our network.

“This involved the installation of a new pipe under six lanes of Queslett Road.

“Unfortunately, a defect has arisen with the reinstatement work. We plan to rectify that over the weekend starting 20 August.

“This requires traffic management to keep everyone safe. We’ve worked with the council to plan this in for a weekend, in summer holidays, to minimise disruption.

“We would routinely update our customers if they make us aware of an issue and I apologise if the message hasn’t reached them.

“Just to be clear, this is an issue with the reinstatement work only; the gas pipe and connection is working fine and is safe.”

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