Love Island body language expert shares who the ‘fake’ couples are

Love Island’s Faye ‘fakes her emotions’ while Jake is ‘playing a game’, according to a body language expert.

A body language expert has analysed the villa contestants’ true intentions.

And the expert has even shared whether they are really into who they say they are.

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TV’s Human Lie Detector Darren Stanton, a former police officer turned celebrity behavioural expert with 26 years analysing deception detection and emotional signals, spoke to BetMinded to analyse the latest episode of Love Island.

Darren Stanton is a former police officer with Derbyshire police with a degree in psychology, who used his expertise to uncover the truth when interviewing hundreds of suspects.

He later moved into media and TV as a consultant, being dubbed the “Human Lie Detector” appearing on the likes of BBC’s The One Show, ITV’s This Morning with Phillip and Holly as well as working on screen with criminal barrister Robert “Judge” Rinder.

On Faye and Teddy:

Darren said: “I think from all of the islanders Faye is the real player, who has an agenda that she’s running. I feel that she is quite disingenuous and at times fakes emotion with the other girls especially when she’s consoling the others if they’re upset. I think she’s quite false and manipulative and overall the most distrustworthy of them all.

“I think she’s really planning to win the competition by all means necessary.

“Teddy was quiet during her apology speech, but his communication does indicate that he is processing a lot internally. Despite the fact the apology ended in a kiss, I’m still not convinced that they will last. There seems to be some reticence in Teddy’s non-verbal communication, but time will tell.”

On Jake and Liberty:

“Liberty appears a very genuine person from her mannerisms, but I feel Jake is playing a game. I have seen several gestures when he is speaking to other Islanders, where he is trying to come over as sensitive and open and honest – however some of his micro expressions and other gestures make him seem that he’s faking to a large extent.”

On Chloe and Toby:

“Chloe disclosed that the main reason she is into Toby is that he is a bad boy and she is enjoying playing him off of the other guys now. She likes the fact that he goes against the rules.

“Chloe’s body language therefore says to me that she is actually quite manipulative and used to getting her own way.

“I don’t think Chloe and Toby would work on the outside as it feels very much like the island is a cocoon for their potential relationship. I don’t feel it would see any longevity in the real world”

On Tyler and Kaz:

“Tyler and Kaz are one of the couples that do actually seem to be very much into each other on a very genuine level despite what has happened in the past. They seem to be matching and mirroring lots of similar genuine emotion and I actually see them making it as a couple in the real world too.”

On Matt and Priya:

“I feel Matt and Priya are displaying some definite non-verbal signals that they are very much into each other. The chats that Priya and Matt have had, have shown pupil dilation in both people which shows they are in an emotional state, we also see genuine smiles and they are both speaking at the same volume.

“Priya and Matt are very much on the same wavelength in terms of their individual interviews and also in how they interact with each other. I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that Priya and Matt could stand a very good chance of making the final and possibly even winning.”

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