DVLA shares bizarre reasons some drivers are forced to replace log book

DVLA has shared a list of reasons why some drivers have been forced to request a new V5C log book – and some are very bizarre.

For all drivers, you are issued a V5C log book when you receive a new vehicle which you then use to inform the DVLA of any changes that may happens to the car.

However, many drivers tend to lose or misplace their log book which means they have to go to DVLA to request a new one.

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And some drivers appear to put some very unusual reasons down as to why they tend to misplace them or if they get destroyed.

According to the government agency, one pet owner admitted his pet parrot had “destroyed” the certificate – similar vibes to the “dog ate my homework” excuse we may have used at school.

Another driver admitted their grandchild had found the certificate and taken it outside when playing and buried it in the mud and another log book was also damaged by the hands of a small child who attempted to cover their school book in it.

Other request reasons include drivers who admitted to not having been concentrating and mistakenly putting it through the paper shredder or leaving it the back pocket of a pair of trousers only for it to end up in the washing machine.

One driver even confessed to having left it near an open window only for it to blow out never to be seen again.

One of the best excuses came from one young driver who claimed they’d taken it to a hotel in the Gobi Desert, which they stopped at while driving across Asia in gap year travels, and accidentally left it there.

It comes after the DVLA launched a new online service in September that motorists could use to quickly apply for a replacement V5C in the event that their original was lost or damaged.

Julie Lennard, DVLA chief executive said whatever the reason, drivers who are aware their V5C certificate has been lost or damaged, should quickly request a new one.

She said: “Our online service to replace a V5C is quick and easy to use and means customers will receive their replacement vehicle registration certificate within the week.

“So whether you misplaced your V5C, it’s being digested by your pet or your kids have used it for arts and crafts – the quickest way to get a replacement is on GOV.UK.”

Motorists can order a replacement, regardless of the reason why the original documentation is missing and the fee is £25.

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