Dog has amazing transformation after she was found ‘looking dead’

A dog is recovering after being found in an appalling condition in the Black Country.

Mica, an elderly German shepherd, was picked up as a stray in Walsall.

She was in an emaciated condition, with her ribs seen protruding out of her skin.

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Maggots were feasting on her and her flesh was being eaten alive.

Mica was found in an emaciated state

Mica was taken to the Birmingham Dogs Home in Wolverhampton for emergency treatment after she was rescued in July.

Staff were shocked she was even still alive given her horrendous appearance.

Flystrike had taken over her, a condition caused by neglect where flies lay their eggs on another animal.

Rachel Frost, who works at Birmingham Dogs Home, said: “She had severe flystrike and very matted fur.

“She was extremely emaciated and when she was shaved, the vets and saw all of the maggots that had been eating her flesh.”

Mica also had an infection in her back leg which was operated on this week.

She is now making good progress and Rachel is hopeful she will soon be looking for a home.

She said: “Hopefully in the next month or so she will be looking for a new home but we need to make sure she makes a full recovery first.

The elderly dog was just skin and bone
The elderly dog was just skin and bone

“She’s a lovely dog and really sweet.

“At 12-years-old she is quite elderly so will be looking for a nice retirement home.

“We think Mica was kept outside so she could have been a stray for a number of months.

“It would have had to be for an extended period of time for her to get in such a bad way.

“We all questioned how she was still surviving when she came in.

“She’s been to the vets six times so she’s been a poorly girl.

“One of our supporters has bought her a memory foam bed to help her joints so she’s being pampered.

“She has got life left in her, she’s a fighter.”

Mica's flesh was being eaten alive by maggots
Mica’s flesh was being eaten alive by maggots

Rachel, who has worked at the dogs home for eight years, said staff had noticed an increase in dogs needing help as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.

“What were starting to see now is dogs with health problems,” she said.

“Ones that have been overbred, from small breeds to flat-faced dog breeds.

“We’re seeing a lot of behavioural problems from dogs who haven’t been socialised properly due to lockdown.

“We spend £280,000 on vet bills every year and there are too many dogs that need our help.”

The home has launched its Healing Hearts Appeal to raise funds for a new veterinary centre.

Rachel added: “It’s heart breaking to see any dog come in in need of surgery or life-saving treatment.

“That’s what we are here for. Without our community and the businesses who support us, we wouldn’t be able to do it.

Mica is now on the mend
Mica is now on the mend

“They’re the true lifesavers.”

You can donate towards the Healing Hearts Appeal here.

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