Biscuits ranked from best to worst as Weetabix on list sparks outrage

A seemingly innocent ranking of the UK’s major biscuits has caused quite a stir.

Macmillan Cancer Support asked followers on Twitter if they agreed with their rankings. They split biscuits into ‘OG’, ‘First-class’, ‘Average Joe’ and ‘Bottom of the barrel’.

The ‘OG’ list included chocolate fingers and shortbread with chocolate digestives and party rings placing in the ‘First-class’ list.

Biscuits failing to make the cut were Rich Teas and Jaffa Cakes – they were in the ‘Average Joe’ section with Pink Wafers and Jamme Dodgers at the bottom of the pile.

Macmillan Cancer Support posted the list on Twitter

However, the one that stood out most – and caused a whole lot of backlash – was Weetabix, reports Birmingham Live.

Macmillan listed the Weetabix in the ‘Average Joe section and Twitter was not bet pleased.

“Who’s eating dry weetabix????? own up” commented boegranola.

Jess Rushton asked: “The bottom row are all my favourites. And why the hell this there a weetabix there?! I need a lie down.”

Endeavour tweeted: “Weetabix? Is a cereal. Not a good one either. As for the bottom of the barrel I’d take those over the first class. Only has one decent biscuit in and that’s the chocolate digestive.”

Some simply did not agree with the list at all. Kieran replied: “Look, I’m all in favour of cancer support but I can’t support this. Look at what you’ve done.”

Charles Thomsen was not on board with the rankings asking: “What is it with you people?”

Some well-known pages got involved in the debate.

“Erm, Macmillan… we have a few issues with this ranking!” Comic Relief replied.

Jaffa Cakes did not seem too happy with their pace on the list, replying: “How very dare you.”

What do you think of the list? Do you agree? Have your say in the comments below.

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