Adorable moment Batman surprises Scots boy, 4, on The Flash Glasgow movie set

This is the adorable moment a young Scots boy met Batman in real life in Glasgow amid filming of the new The Flash film.

Little Louis McGinnes, from Hamilton, turned up to the set in the city centre dressed as the caped crusader in the hopes of spotting his favourite superhero.

But the four-year-old got the surprised of his life when Batman stuntman Rick English saw him and decided to go over for a chat during a break in filming.

A video of the sweet moment was captured by a fellow visitor to the set, according to Glasgow Live.

Louis was clutching his Batman walkie talkie, and Rick told him: “Give me a call if you need me, I’ll give you a call if I need you,” while pointing to it.

The adorable clip has since gone viral – and caused a few Glaswegians to be on the verge of ‘greetin’.

Louis’ dad Daniel spoke to Glasgow Live about the unexpected meeting – which came about after the crew spotted Louis dressed up as the superhero next to the set.

He said: “It was my mum and dad that had taken him into Glasgow. They just took him in for the day just to experience the Batman film set and stuff. He’d been earlier in the week, I took him into the toy shop and we’d got him some Batman walkie talkies.

“They took the walkie talkies and dressed him up as Batman and my mum and dad were just in and about Glasgow trying to get as close as possible to see if they could see Batman.

“A couple of the crew had come up to Louis and they were saying ‘Oh this is the real superhero of Glasgow!’ and all the crew and the spectators that were there all started clapping and cheering.

“My mum and dad were quite taken back by it, my dad said he had a lump in his throat because it was unexpected.

“And then one of the crew was kidding on to Louis that if he speaks through his walkie talkie maybe Batman will come out.

“So Louis was saying “Batman where are you”, because this was just after the motorcycle accident, and “Batman I hope you are OK” – stuff like that.

“The next minute the stunt driver who had the Batman costume on came over and said he wanted to take time to speak to Louis.”

As for how wee Louis felt at meeting his hero, Daniel said the wee man was “just ecstatic”.

He added: “He’s absolutely over the moon. I was working and he phoned me and he was just ecstatic, shouting down the phone: “Dad I met Batman!”

“When I came home from work later on that day he was sleeping when I came in. I tucked him into bed, and when he woke up he said: “Dad you know I’m Glasgow’s superhero!”

“I know it’s the stunt driver but to him when he saw the face paint and stuff and the costume, it was Batman. It was just brilliant!”

Dad Daniel reached out to stuntman Rick English on Instagram to say thanks for taking the time to meet Louis, without expecting a reply.

But reply he did, and he even said to keep in touch until the film comes out when another surprise could be in store.

He added: “I thought I’m just going to message this guy to say thanks for taking the time to speak to Louis, thinking he’ll not get back to me.

“About an hour later he messaged me saying: ‘It was absolutely a pleasure to meet him’, and he also said that when the film gets released I’ve to message him back and he’ll maybe send some goodies or whatever.

“I’m totally buzzing for him.”

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