Woman shares ‘genius’ hack to ditch the bra while wearing skimpy tops in summer

Jazmin Barnes, 23, from Vancouver, Canada, went viral on TikTok after showing her easy alternative to wearing a bra under a strappy top during the summer months

Woman shares ‘genius’ hack to ditch the bra while wearing skimpy tops during summer

A woman has shared a “genius” clothes hack for the summer months – which allows her to go bra-free in skimpy tops while keeping covered.

Jazmin Barnes, 23, from Vancouver, Canada, decided to try out the technique after tiring of wearing a bra under the tops.

Taking a regular padded insert from an old sports bra she had lying around, Jazmin ripped off the silky layer of fabric to reveal the foam underneath.

The 23-year-old secured the two loose padded inserts under her top without adhesive – as the rough foam gripped the fabric of her top.

Jazmin credits her ingenuity with being lazy and wanting to “free the nip” from the confines of a bra.

Jazmin demonstrates her bra hack


Jam Press/@jazrabarnes)

She went viral on TikTok


Jam Press/@jazrabarnes)

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“Honestly, I came up with the idea because I was just being lazy one day,” Jazmin said.

“One of those inserts fell out of my sports bra in the dryer and the fabric was starting to peel off of one side.

“So I just ripped off the fabric and stuck it in my shirt because I was too lazy to take the time to put the padding back in the little hole in the sports bra – I’m sure lots of people can relate to that.

“Then throughout the day, I kept checking to make sure the pad wasn’t falling out and I realized it was sticking to the sports bra fabric because of the foam, so I tried it on some other shirts and the summer tata hack was born.”

The trick is as simple as finding an old swimming costume, bikini or sports bra that comes with removable pads, peeling off the bottom layer of fabric and sticking it onto the desired top.

Jazmin credits her ingenuity with being lazy


Jam Press/@jazrabarnes)

The post racked up more than five million views on TikTok


Jam Press/@jazrabarnes)

Jazmin shared the top tip on TikTok – assuring her followers that they will not have to worry about the pads falling out of place for the entire day.

The digital marketer said she was particularly proud of her hack because it allows others to save their well-earned cash for other fashion essentials.

Jazmin added: “In my opinion, the best thing about this hack is it’s free! I know people across the globe have those inserts lying around in the back of their swim or underwear drawers as I do.

“I also think this is a good alternative to sticky bras or other expensive methods if you have a backless top, or for summertime, because sticky bras tend to slip and slide around when you’re sweating in my opinion.”

Jazmin is also advocating for women like herself who “get annoyed with wearing bras every day” and the “lumps and bumps” that bras can give.

She said: “I’m all for #freethenip and I don’t mind going without a bra, but there are some cases where you just want that extra feeling of support or coverage.

“Sometimes bras are just uncomfortable and in some tighter clothing they give you back fat lumps and bumps, but on the other hand some people aren’t totally comfortable going braless in public.”

The post racked up more than five million views on TikTok, with nearly 800,000 people liking the “genius” hack.

One person said: “Ma’am thank you so much for your service to women.”

“Life changer,” agreed another viewer.

A third compared Jazmin to a superhero, commenting: “Where is your cape?! You’re literally saving lives out here.”

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