Twins who look just like Ariana Grande ‘get death threats from crazed fans’

Taylor and Mackenna Patterson-Hall, 20, who are inseparable, dress just like the pop sensation and show off their striking resemblance to the singer on TikTok

Taylor and Mackenna say they’ve received death threats from Ariana Grande fans for their look

A pair of twin sisters who look and dress exactly like Ariana Grande say they’ve received death threats from the megastar’s fans.

Mackenna and Taylor Patterson-Hall, 20, from Ontario in Canada have 40,000 followers on TikTok who tune in to see what the lookalike siblings are up to.

The pair first became noticed as Ariana doppelgangers five years ago when they posted on the app

But in 2019, the sisters actively began copying the pop star’s iconic style and posted their transformation on TikTok.

Taylor and Mackenna, who are massive Ariana Grande fans themselves, wear long extensions in their ponytails to mimick her iconic hairstyle. The sisters always dress identically.

The twins first started dressing like Ariana Grande in 2019


Taylor and Mackenna don’t actually think they bear a striking resemblance to the singer


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The pair have even bagged some brand deals on social media due to the attention they’ve received – however, not all of the attention is positive.

They claim some Ariana Grande superfans have targeted them for “copying” the singer’s style.

Luckily, the sisters brush off the criticism they’ve received as “ridiculous” and continue to dress and style themselves however they’d like.

And they have no plans to stop dressing like their favourite pop star, posting updates on their social media accounts under the name Pink Sweetener.

Taylor said: “We’ve spent every minute of every day together since we were born.

“We have always loved dressing the same as each other, because we love being twins. We want to stand out amongst a crowd, and dressing the same always turns a lot of heads.”

However, the twin said she and her sister Mackenna don’t actually see the resemblance between themselves and the pop star.

The girls have decided to mimic the iconic singer’s look





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“People have told us forever that we resemble her, but to this day, we still personally don’t think we look like Ariana,” Taylor said.

“To keep up the look, we use self-tanner as we’re naturally very fair. Since we wear our hair up in ponytail extensions, we need to give our hair a break several days a week to prevent damage”

Speaking of the criticism they receive, Mackenna said: “We get a lot of mixed reactions to our look.

“Some people are very supportive and say that we inspire them to be confident, while others react very poorly.

“Some Ariana Grande fans give us a lot of hate for being inspired by her style. They send us death threats and try to tell us there’s something wrong with us.”

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The twin added some people are “toxic” on social media.

She continued: “How we choose to dress and do our makeup doesn’t hurt anyone, and it isn’t anyone’s right to tell us what we can and can’t do.”

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