Taliban already offering ‘safe haven’ for Al Qaeda in ‘direct threat to West’

The Taliban regime has maintained its relationship with Al Qaeda and is happy to allow the terrorism network to use the country as a base, said a new US official report

The Taliban are already offering a “safe haven” for Al Qaeda said a US report

Taliban fighters are already offering a “safe haven” for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan which poses a direct threat to the West, said a new US official report.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has raised serious fears for opponents of the extremists and human rights in the country, leading to chaos in Kabul as people seek to leave.

But there is also concern that the country could now become a hotbed for terrorism, The Sun reports.

Joe Biden said that US troops had to be pulled from Afghanistan to prevent it from being a never ending intervention.

Yet his claim that the job of stopping the country being used as a launch pad for terror plots had been achieved contrasts with new Pentagon findings.

The Taliban seized control of Kabul on Sunday leading to many people trying to flee


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A report by the Pentagon Office of the Inspector General said that Al Qaeda had a new safe location to plan attacks and that ISIS also were taking advantage of the instability.

It stated: “The Taliban continued to maintain its relationship with Al Qaeda, providing safe haven for the terrorist group in Afghanistan.”

Bin Laden is believed to have plotted the September 11, twin tower attacks from Afghanistan and it was the motive for the Western invasion of the country almost 20 years ago.

The objective was to bring down the Talibans and remove the threat from Al Qaeda as well as capturing Osama Bin Laden.

Bin Laden is believed to have plotted his attacks on the twin towers from Afghanistan


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But Afghan general Sami Sadat said earlier this month, before the Taliban took control, that Al Qaeda militants were joining the rebel fighters.

“I have never seen so many Al Qaeda members in the front lines and in the fight shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban before, than I have seen after the withdrawal of the US forces,” Sadat told the BBC.

Former UK government national security advisor Mark Sedwill said that there is “direct” threat to the UK after the rise of the Taliban.

He said: “Of course there is a direct threat as well and we’ll have to see whether the Taliban will honour their commitments not to allow Afghanistan to become a haven for terrorists and indeed drug traffickers as well.”

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