Squid Game Halloween outfits all the rage as fans dress as masked death squads


Controversial Netflix drama Squid Game inspires viewers to dress as characters from the brutal gameshow scenes for their Halloween parties and trick or treating

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Squid Game: Jung-jae Lee stars in trailer for Netflix series

Costumes inspired by the hit TV show Squid Game are set to be the craze this Halloween.

Trick or treaters will be wearing either green or red jumpsuits inspired by the violent Netflix series. In the South Korean drama 456 players take part in a Hunger Games life or death series of games – with 255 people killed in the first episode alone.

The costumes seen in the show are easy to copy, with many already available to buy online.

In the show, debt-laden contestants play a series of children’s games in the hope of winning a £27million cash prize.

One of the Squid Game Halloween costumes being sold to fans online

Those who lose the games are executed by a masked death squad standing by with machine guns.

The contestants taking part in the games wear green numbered jumpsuits – while the guards wear red suits and face masks with triangles, circles or squares on them.

Similar suits can be bought online for around £40, with the facemask selling for less than a fiver. Other websites explain how easy it is to make copies of the costumes seen in the show – with red and green tracksuit sales soaring.

A scene from Squid Game, which features bloody executions during a series of contests


Netflix/AFP via Getty Images)

Squid Game is currently the most streamed show in the US and in the UK. In each episode characters take part in bloody versions of traditional children’s games, like Grandmother’s Footsteps, or British Bulldogs, with the winners progressing to the next round.

In one challenge, inspired by a Korean schoolyard game, characters are told to run towards a creepy giant mannequin after it calls out ‘green light’ and must stop when ‘red light’ is shouted. Players who are caught moving after ‘red light’ is shouted are shot dead.

The story centres around gambling addict Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and his childhood friend Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo), a disgraced banker wanted by the police.

Squid Game has been rated 15 by Netflix gives a series of content warnings including sex, violence and suicide.

Some schools have even warned parents not to let their children watch the series after pupils were caught copying scenes in the playground.

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