Rare moment Kate lost her cool and rolled eyes when ‘told off’ at royal event

The Duchess of Cambridge is usually all smiles when she’s out in public carrying out royal duties, but from time to time, we see rare candid moments

The Duchess of Cambridge showed a funny glimpse of her true feelings

The Duchess of Cambridge took to life as a royal like a duck to water when she married Prince William in 2011.

Having been with the Duke since university, Kate had become accustomed to the conventions and around being a Royal, including a key rule the family lives by – never complain, never explain.

The idea is that members of The Firm keep their personal matters quiet and put on a happy face in public, even when times are tough.

And Kate has been no exception since joining, flashing her trademark stunning smile while carrying out royal duties in public and winning the hearts of the nation in the process.

Kate took to royal life well when she married Prince William


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The Duchess was five months pregnant with Charlotte when she went to New York


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However, over the years, there have been rare flashes of more candid moments from The Duchess of Cambridge.

In 2014, while she was five months pregnant with Princess Charlotte, Kate travelled to New York with Wills, where she visited a children’s centre to help the wrap Christmas presents.

During the visit, she stopped wrapping for a moment to chat to some of the volunteers about their work – but was given a telling-off.

Kate was told to “keep wrapping,” at which point she showed a cheeky, light-hearted glimpse of what she was really thinking.

Going back to wrapping and doing what she was told, Kate rolled her eyes.

But she diligently carried out the work as asked and continued wrapping the presents. As she finished her visit to the centre, Kate is said to have thoroughly enjoyed her day – despite the funny reaction she expressed earlier.

She’s not the only royal to have lost her cool in the past, with a few funny incidents showing members of the royal family showing their true feelings.

Just last week, The Queen expressed her frustration at world leaders who haven’t fully committed to attending the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November.

Her Majesty said it was “irritating” to see some leaders appearing to not take their responsibility seriously when it comes to reversing the effects of climate change.

And it’s not just the adults who let their true feelings slip in public – with the next generation of royals expressing their anger too.

While visiting Hamburg with her parents in 2017, Princess Charlotte, then two, had a classic toddler meltdown on the tarmac at the airport.

As William took a book from Charlotte that her brother had been given as a gift, she stamped her feet and got on the floor, just like any other tot in a bad mood.

Luckily, mum Kate was on hand to scoop up her daughter before her antics turned into a full-blown tantrum.

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