Mum claims ‘prison’ school put daughter in week-long isolation over £75 shoes

Emma Squires, from Leeds, blasted the John Smeaton Academy’s ‘military-camp’ style uniform policy which put her 14-year-old daughter in isolation for nearly a week

A mum has claimed that John Smeaton Academy is a ‘prison’ school

A mum has claimed a “prison” school banned her teenage daughter from class for wearing £75 Kickers.

Emma Squires blasted the John Smeaton Academy’s “military-camp” style uniform policy which put her 14-year-old daughter Ella in isolation for nearly a week reportedly over the shoes she was wearing.

The mum-of-three said she asked a teacher before the summer holiday if the new shoes would meet regulations and claims she was given the green light.

However, two weeks before school started, Emma claims she was told the shoes were unsuitable.

A letter about the new rules was sent to parents from the Leeds’ school in mid-August, which was recently taken over by the GORSE Trust.

A mum has claimed her daughter was put in isolation over wearing £75 Kickers


The rules say that branded shoes are not allowed , but the mum had already bought new kickers for her children, Ella and Charlie, 11.

Ella went to school wearing the shoes last Friday but was put in isolation until today.

Emma told The Sun Online : “It’s like a military camp and they have to go through uniform checks one by one at the school gate.

The mum blasted the ‘military camp’ style uniform policy


“Some kids wear branded shoes such as Dr Martens but they are fine.

“I asked if I could just take the tag off the Kickers but they said ‘no’. It doesn’t make sense.

“I only bought Kickers because they are durable. My daughter walks home from school every day and she needs some good shoes, especially if it’s raining.”

Emma also accused the school of “making up the rules as they go along”.

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It comes as the school has already found itself embroiled in controversy this week.

A schoolgirl claimed she was told to change her trousers and socks – because her bare ankles could be “distracting to other pupils and teachers”.

Olivia Harrison, 13, claims she was ordered to fetch replacement clothes from the lost property by a staff member at lunchtime on Monday.

The trust running the school said it did not comment on individual cases but added that it made “no apologies” for having the “highest standards” – including regarding uniform.

Olivia told LeedsLive : “[The staff member] said I had to change my trousers and socks because you could see my ankles and she said it was distracting for other pupils and teachers.

“I said, ‘are you saying they’re going to get turned on?’ And [the staff member] said, ‘well I wouldn’t put it like that.’

“She said my trousers showed my figure too much as well.”

The Year 9 pupil objected to wearing lost property trousers so she was then sent to isolation.

A spokesperson for The GORSE Academies Trust said the claims are “categorically untrue.”

They added to The Sun Online: “We believe that all students should be smart and well-presented, and should adhere to the uniform policy.

“We are committed to high standards in all areas of the school, whether that is classwork, behaviour or uniform, and we make no apologies for that.”

The Mirror Online contacted The GORSE Academies Trust and John Smeaton Academy for comment.

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