McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 explained – and how to boost your chances of winning

McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 is finally here. Here we reveal how to play along, and boost your chances of winning some amazing prizes

After a difficult year, McDonald’s fans will be delighted to hear that fast food restaurant is bringing back its popular promotion – McDonald’s Monopoly.

The promotion was first launched in 2005, but was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But now it’s finally back with bigger and better prizes to be won than ever.

As usual, McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 will give customers a chance to grab some amazing prizes by looking out for the stickers on menu items.

Here is everything you need to know about McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 – including how to boost your chances of winning.

How to play McDonald’s Monopoly

You’ll find stickers on certain food items



Players can take part in McDonald’s Monopoly by collecting stickers found on the packaging of qualifying menu items.

These stickers will have road names you’ll recognise from a classic Monopoly board, including Mayfair and Fleet Street.

If you collect a full set of these stickers you can win a big prize.

Customers can also pick up the McDonald’s Monopoly board for free from a restaurant, or online.

They will also have codes on them that allow customers to enter into a prize draw to win between £5 and £100.

These codes can be entered on the McDonald’s Monopoly website between now and Tuesday October 5 at 11.59pm.

As you might expect, the pieces that will win you big prizes are harder to come by.

But you can also find some smaller prizes that can be redeemed immediately – such as free food items off the McDonald’s menu.

You have to be aged 16 or over to take part in the game.

Which prizes can be won?

The instant win stickers are the easiest to come by. Customers can score themselves free sides or burgers.

These include apple pieces, cheeseburgers, fries, sundaes, ice creams, hot drinks or more.

There are over 50,000,000 instant win food prizes, which means there are about 1,000 free items to win at each restaurant per day.

For the first time, fans can win McDonald’s VIP Cards



Have you ever won big from McDonald’s Monopoly? Let us know in the comments.

The biggest prizes include a hot tub, a shopping spree, Ibiza or UK holidays, TVs and £100,000 in cash.

And new for 2021, prizes also include 1,000 VIP Gold Cards.

Those lucky enough to win one of these could get a free meal every week for a year at any McDonald’s restaurant.

You can find a full list of prizes here.

How to boost your chances of winning

The McDonald’s Monopoly game is very much based on luck, but the Money Saving Expert website has shared some tips on how to increase your chances of winning.

Firstly, you should keep hold of any rare stickers you find.

Even if you don’t get an instant win, make sure you keep hold of it as the remaining stickers in the set will be easier to find.

Some of the rare stickers to keep hold of include Mayfair, Bond Street, Coventry Street, Strand, Marlborough Street, Northumberland Avenue, Old Kent Road, Euston Road and Liverpool St. Station.

It’s even worth holding on to your duplicate stickers.

In previous years the fast food restaurant has offered a freebie when you swap any 10 stickers.

The Money Saving Expert also recommends entering online codes during non-peak times.

Two cash prizes are won every minute, so whoever enters their code at the right second can win between £5 and £100.

If you enter during non-peak time (early morning or overnight), you’ll naturally have less competition, and your chances of winning will be higher.

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