Love Islanders’ ‘fake’ and ‘snakey’ game plans exposed ahead of series final

It is easy to forget that Love Island is a game with £50,000 at stake.

Viewers easily get sucked into the lives of the looking for love hopefuls from the romantic dates, sweet acts of affection and steamy bedroom sessions.

However, the 2021 series has been filled with fiery feuds, explosive drama, and in recent episodes it is clear to see there is a divide in the Majorcan villa after the couples were forced to nominate the least compatible pairs and offer them up for the public vote.

And with the final fast approaching several of the islanders have come under fire for game playing, with fans suspecting some of the faces are acting “fake” and “sly” in order to get closer towards being awarded the winning title.

Love Island viewers amped up accusations against the contestants of game-playing when Casa Amor took place.

The boys being in a separate villa from the main girls put Jake Cornish in the frame of the ultimate game player – a title he has struggled to get rid of.

Fans called out Jake as soon as the boys landed in Casa Amor with a group of new ladies, due to him wasted no time in trying to figure out where everyone’s head was at.

Jake Cornish has been accused of game playing since Casa Amor

As the boys discussed who they were attracted to and what had occurred during a cheeky game of Truth or Dare, Jake probed further.

Speaking to Liam he said: “Obviously you’re invested in Mils, I know that, I can see that, I know exactly how you are.

“If this Casa Amor happened and Millie wasn’t here, you’d be boom boom boom boom boom,” he continued.

“If Millie wasn’t here, it would have been a lot more raunchy tonight,” Liam admitted, referring to his kiss with new girl Lillie.

“I think you need a one-on-one chat with Lillie first,” Jake then said, but Liam looked a bit hesitant.

“Just pull her for a chat, what have you got to lose? There’s nothing wrong with that, bruv,” he encouraged further.

Viewers saw straight through his words of encouragement and took to Twitter to air their thoughts.

One person tweeted: “The boys don’t understand that Jake wants to win. #LoveIsland.”

Others posted: “Jake is playing the game — splitting up couples left, right & centre #loveisland” and “Jake is clever. Sabotage the other couples to secure the bag #LoveIsland.”

Jake has also been accused of stringing along partner Liberty Poole – especially after he pulled out a bracelet and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Teddy Soares has come under fire from fans after he took back Faye Winter



However, Jake’s father, Mark, has claimed that his offspring’s low IQ means that he does not process the brains to dream up a game plan to be crowned one-half of Love Island 2021’s winning couple.

The proud parent is adamant that his lad has “no motive” and defended Jake’s suspicious timing of telling Liberty he loves her by adding that “he speaks before he thinks.”

Speaking to Bristol Live, Mark said: “What you see on telly is Jake. There is no motive. He is genuine but he speaks before he thinks, so when you see him on the telly saying things, it’s because it’s coming from his heart and he’s just a nice lad.”

Teddy Soares has also faced game playing accusations during his time in the villa.

Fans thought it was highly suspicious when he reunited with Faye Winters following her angry outburst – that will go down in Love Island history for getting 24,000 complaints about.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom was hit with the huge amount of complaints after she let rip at Teddy and Jake following a challenge that saw clips from the villa shown to islanders.

Days later, Faye asked Teddy for a chat and ended up apologising to him for the way she had treated him – and him deciding to progress his romance with her made fans question if he was playing a game.

One fan penned: “I reserve hope that teddy is playing the longest game possible cos no way a bondage like this exists #loveIsland.”

Another said: “Either they are both playing a big game or teddy is just a BIG idiot #LoveIsland.”

Millie Court has been the villa golden girl but this week fans have seen a different side to the Essex beauty – and called her out on social media.

Millie Court has been called a game player by fans in recent days



On Monday’s night’s Priya and Brett were dumped from the island which led to Mary – who was duped with Aaron last night – making it her mission to find out which of her pals voted for her and partner Aaron – leaving them in the bottom four.

Despite the good news, Wakefield native Mary took it upon herself to find out which ‘sly’ couples went behind her back – and it didn’t take long for Millie to dish the dirt.

Viewers were left stunned when blonde beauty Millie blurted out that Kaz and Tyler were the ones to put Mary and Aaron forward for the public vote.

As the girls pondered in the kitchen, Mary said: “Brett and Priya only had five votes. So, someone has obviously not voted for them two and has voted us instead.”

Before Mary had even finished her sentence, Millie blurted out: “Yeah, it was Kaz and Tyler.”

Challenges have sometimes shown some of the islanders’ true colours



Viewers were certain that Millie made the calculated decision to expose her friend Kaz.

“Millie is the biggest gameplayer in that villa and she has been all along. She’s just hid it well,” one viewer insisted.

“What a way to betray one of your best friends. I’m seeing Millie in a different light,” someone else added.

“God, Millie had nooooo qualms about throwing Kaz and Tyler under the bus. This girl is in it to win, no matter who she takes down on the way,” another fan fumed.

Challenges that the islanders have taken part in have also appeared to shine a light on tactical voting.

Fans quizzed the genuineness of some of the stars after they decided to dump Dale Mehmet and Abigail Rawlings at the start of August.

The winning couple will bag £50,000



The group were forced to make the tough decision of having to get rid of one boy and one girl.

The safe islanders chose Dale and Abigail to go home, but fans thought it could have been a tactical decision.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer posted: “I mean if kaz and Tyler were so together and compatible then why didn’t they go home together? Like if their so secure why not go home happy together? Game play me thinks #LoveIsland.”

Another wrote: “The islanders should not be able to pick who to send home, the person with the least votes from us as the public goes, is what it is! #LoveIsland the game is the game! So unfair.”

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