Line of Duty fans recall past scene ‘rules out’ Ted Hastings as H ahead of final

Line of Duty’s huge series six finale is just days away – as, it would appear, is the truth about the mystery ‘H’.

Viewers have been waiting for what feels like forever to unravel the mystery of The Fourth Man, AKA the final ‘H’.

The mystery corrupt officer linked to all things OCG is tipped to be exposed on Sunday, with the three other names already revealed across recent series.

Dot Cottan’s dying declaration as The Caddy is what alerted AC-12 and viewers to this mystery, after they worked out he was communicating via Morse Code.

Amid theories that this might never have been correct, hopefully Sunday will supply the answers we need.

Line of Duty fans have recalled a past scene that ‘rules out’ Ted Hastings as H

But until then, Ted Hastings is still struggling to prove it isn’t him – and now some fans think they have evidence.

Several viewers casted their minds back to a past series, and the actual scene of Dot making his confession just before he died.

Using this Morse Code theory that has led to the investigation into the four H’s, some viewers believe Dot was trying to spell out someone’s name.

Line of Duty viewers are set to find out the identity of the mystery 'H'
Line of Duty viewers are set to find out the identity of the mystery ‘H’

While neither of the names thus far have began with a H, many viewers questioned whether the word or name Dot was trying to say ruled out Hastings altogether.

This is because after coding the letter H, Kate Fleming, who was filming the declaration, went back to the start of the alphabet to try and get him to spill whatever he could before he died.

As she said the letter A, viewers believe Dot did not blink or apply the code and therefore this could suggest he wasn’t trying to expose Hastings.

Ted Hastings is still struggling to prove it isn't him
Ted Hastings is still struggling to prove it isn’t him

Taking to Twitter, one fan explained: “Also, how crazy it is to think we were shown two series ago that Ted wasn’t the ‘H’ to whom Dot was referring: he didn’t blink on ‘A’ when Kate started going through the alphabet for the second letter.”

Another agreed: “Did they not notice that Dot did not blink twice when asked about the letter A during his dying declaration. Would’ve saved a lot of time. H-A…stings.”

A third agreed: “Urgh. Dot’s confession ruled out Hastings because he didn’t blink for the second letter (A) in HAstings. That was never pointed out.”

But could this really be enough to rule out Hastings as the final H, or is it all a red herring? Viewers will have to tune in on Sunday!

Line of Duty series six concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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