Internet furious with man who let his brother miss his dad’s funeral

It’s never a good time to break bad news, but the internet were fuming at this man for not telling his brother

The man decided to not tell his brother who was on his honeymoon at the time [stock picture posed by models]

Breaking the news of someone’s passing is never easy, there’s never a good time for it, but what about for those who are on a honeymoon?

A man took to Reddit to get some opinions on his decision to not tell his brother about their dad’s death until he was home from his holiday.

It’s safe to say that the internet were not happy on the AITA thread (which stands for am I the a** hole) and told him he was completely in the wrong.

The man said: “This took place awhile ago but the fallout is still hot. My father had health problems for the last few years and he recently succumbed to them.

“During this time my brother had gotten married and was on his honeymoon.”

The man had made the choice to be the one to inform his brother of the news, since their mother died years ago and he was closest to him.

He continued: “I told any other distant family members to refrain from letting him know until I say it’s okay.

“I decided in all fairness, that he should get to enjoy his honeymoon with his new wife, and I decided not to tell him until he gets back.”

Then it was time for the funeral. Many family members wondered why the man’s brother wasn’t there but he explained the situation.

“A few people thought it was the right thing to let him enjoy it, others thought I should have told my brother, so I guess that is where the divide began.

“A few days after the funeral my brother came out and I quickly texted him that our father died.

“He almost immediately called me up and was freaking out, understandably. I expected he would be surprised, but he sounded flabbergasted as if our father had no health problems prior to his death. I told him that this was going to happen eventually.”

His clearly shocked brother asked when the funeral would be, and that’s when the man explained that it had already happened.

“He started screaming at me on the phone and cursing at me. I hung up on him until he could calm down.

“However since then, I have made repeated attempts to call him back but he has refused my calls.

“I understand he has the right to be mad but he should also understand I did it so he wouldn’t be stressing over what would be a happy time in his life.”

The internet was not happy and the man was branded an “a**hole” from the Reddit terminology.

Here is a key for reference:

You’re the a**hole (& the other party is not) – YTA

You’re not the a**hole (& the other party is) – NTA

Everyone sucks here – ESH

No a**holes here – NAH

Not enough info – INFO

One user responded to the thread: “YTA. Putting off telling him is one thing. Having a funeral and not giving him the chance to attend is another. What you’ve done is terrible.

“You’ve taken away his only chance to say goodbye to his father. You’re lucky if he ever forgives you.”

Some users couldn’t believe that the man had texted his brother to tell him the news, as opposed to telling him in person or over the phone.

Reddit user hiregar said: “And then he TEXTED him the news…”Hey bro how was your honeymoon? Bring me any souvenirs?

“Also btw dad died.”

The internet has spoken, and they’re absolutely fuming with the man. Do you agree with the decision?

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