‘I’m 20 years older than my daughter but people think we’re sisters – I love it’

Lauren Marsden, 20, and mum Cheryl Jarvis, 41, claim they’re often mistaken for sisters – and Cheryl puts it down to her strict exercise regime and

Lauren and Cheryl are often stopped by strangers who think they’re siblings

A young woman and her glamorous mum look so alike people often confuse them for sisters.

Lauren Marsden, 20, and her mum Cheryl Jarvis, 41, have been mistaken for siblings ever since Lauren turned 18.

The mum and daughter, from Bradford, Yorkshire, say they constantly receive comments from strangers who assume they’re siblings rather than mum and daughter.

Cheryl, a mum-of-two, revels in being mistaken for a much younger woman and Lauren, who is an influencer, finds it pretty funny too.

Cheryl said: “Strangers can’t believe I’m Lauren’s mum. They’re always in shock and think we are siblings.

Cheryl credits her strict exercise regime with keeping her youthful looks


Caters News Agency)

The pair even share clothes as they are the same size


Caters News Agency)

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“It is flattering and a nice feeling to hear I look young.”

The project manager says her youthful looks come from a strict fitness regime – and a little advice from her daughter.

“Lauren definitely helps keeps me young as she gives the best fashion advice and shows me what beauty products I should buy,” she said.

“Her makeup bag is much bigger than mine so I prefer it when she gives me a makeover. She is actually better at applying makeup than I am.

“It’s great as she shows me what I should use and how to apply it!”

The pair have been sharing clothes since Lauren turned 18 – and Cheryl’s rigid exercise regime means she’s the same clothes size as her daughter.

Cheryl aims to empower women of all ages and admits to working out almost daily.

She said: “I get up at 5 am to work out – five times per week. I now help other women with a weights training programme as I am a personal trainer on the side.

“Fitness doesn’t need to be hours on a treadmill and eating salad. I eat a balanced diet and drink the occasional glass of prosecco on the weekend.”

Cheryl also said she’s had botox, which has helped her maintain her youthful look – although she had to put her injections on hiatus when the coronavirus lockdown began.

“I have also been using Dermalogica products for the last 20 years – they are pricey but definitely worth it,” she added.

Cheryl describes her daughter as her best friend and said the pair have a “fantastic” relationship.

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“She tells me everything and vice versa. I had Instagram before Lauren but her account blew up when she started posting.

“She helps me master my posing techniques for it.

“I am so proud of her and chuffed that people think we are sisters.”

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