Heartbroken man ‘married’ partner as she died in hospital after horror crash

Greg Peters, 34, from Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, asked a hospital vicar at the Royal Stoke Hospital to organise a ‘marriage blessing’ between him and Anna Ledgar after her mum gave her approval

Greg Peters has paid an emotional tribute to the love of his life, Anna Ledgar, who died after a horror crash on Monday

A boyfriend ‘married’ the love of his life as she lay dying in hospital following a horror crash.

Greg Peters, 34, from Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, asked a hospital vicar to organise a ‘marriage blessing’ between him and Anna Ledgar.

Gym manager Anna, 28, was rushed to hospital after a crash near Uttoxeter on Monday afternoon.

Greg was in shock when he reached the hospital and found out that Anna was being kept on a ventilator and would not survive after suffering devastating injuries.

Tragically Anna, who had been in a relationship with Greg for 18 months, died 24 hours after being admitted to the Royal Stoke Hospital.

Members of the couples’ families were present as the unofficial ceremony was carried out, and Greg put a ring given to him

He told The Sun: “One of the nurses who had been looking after her mentioned that a hospital vicar could bless our relationship

Anna was set to move into a dream home with Greg


Greg Peters/StaffsLive)

“It sounds crazy but I could make Anna my wife. I was on cloud nine and now after the blessing, I can call her my wife. I know it’s not legal and official but it’s very special to me.”

The couple were not engaged, but had discussed tying the knot, and were on the brink of moving to a new home together.

Greg asked Anna’s mum if he could marry her daughter – and she responded ‘absolutely yes’.

Greg took some comfort from being able to place his nan’s engagement ring – which he had planned to give to Anna – on her finger for a blessing with a vicar before she passed away.

A hospital vicar officiated a ‘ceremony’ as Anna lay dying


Greg Peters/StaffsLive)

He hopes she could hear him as he did so and played their song through his phone.

Greg will never forget her face, he says.

He has urged people to never take a goodbye with a loved one for granted.

“To the people that read this article, never ever miss that kiss, that cuddle and saying I love you to the ones you love,” he told Staffordshire Live.

The couples’ families were present when the ceremony was held


Greg Peters/StaffsLive)

“If I hadn’t have said that to Anna, I’d be in such a deeper and nastier place in my head right now, but knowing that every day she knew I loved her and she loved me makes me feel so special.”

Greg was up early on the day of Anna’s crash, while she was on a late shift and able to have a lie in before driving to Macclesfield for work.

“I remember it so clearly,” Greg said.

“I came in just before I was leaving, kissed her on the forehead and said ‘goodbye, I love you’. She said ‘I love you’ back.

“As I was walking out, she lifted her head, turned to me all sleepy eyed and reached out to me, asking for my hand back.

“So of course I went back for another kiss and a cuddle. She loved her cuddles.

Greg has spoken of his heartbreak following Anna’s death


“Her face, while reaching out to me, will be in my head forever.”

Anna had only recently been headhunted by Macclesfield FC to run their gym – something Greg says was her “dream job”.

The collision, which happened around 12.50pm, saw the road closed for more than six hours.

Anna was taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital in a critical condition and died the next day.

Greg met her online during the first lockdown.

The pair were close to completion on buying their first home together in the East Staffordshire village of Abbots Bromley when she died.

Greg said: “I’ve got no idea what to do now. It’ll be hard for me to afford the house without Anna, but I’ll find a way to make it work and do it for her.”

She was still travelling to work at another gym in Macclesfield after moving to live with Greg in Abbots Bromley, but was offered a place at The Sweatbank, in Burton, to do her personal training.

However, three months ago she was headhunted by Macclesfield FC.

Greg said: “She had worked so hard to be able to run her own gym and now it was happening.

“She was very nervous at first, as she wasn’t too sure if she had the experience to pull it off. But, my word, she had the drive.

“If Anna was going to do something, she’d do it 110 per cent.

“She worked so hard. She was only in that job for three months before the accident.”

Greg says he knew Anna was the one for him.

“She was perfect for me,” he said. “Me and Anna had only been officially together for 18 months, but for once in my life, I had a plan with Anna.

“She changed my life and made me smile so much, encouraged me with my golf, got me to final stage of qualifying for the Open and pushed me on with every tournament.”

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