Grand Designs viewers convinced £700k luxury home looks ‘like an Asda’

While presenter Kevin McCloud was complimentary about the unusual property, which appeared to float above a flood plain in Essex, fans of Grand Designs weren’t impressed and compared the house to a supermarket

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Grand Designs viewers convinced £700k home looks ‘like an Asda’

Fans of Grand Designs weren’t happy with the latest build on the hit C4 property show with some comparing the luxury build to a branch of Asda.

Presenter Kevin McCloud met Geoff, a divorced grandfather from Essex, who had sold two houses in London and Spain to fund his ambitious project.

Geoff’s idea was to create a home that rose above the flood plain, with a cantilevered footprint. This meant the structure extended out horizontally from its base and was supported at one end only.

Geoff revealed that the development had cost him £700,000 and he’d had to resort to living in a caravan on site while the house was being built.

The £700,000 house features a cantilevered floor making the property look like it’s floating

As Kevin approached the house with its front door overshadowed by the floor above, he said, “Geoff’s new beginning hovers above the scarred earth, a clean island in the mud.

“The closer you get to it the kind of wilder, the kind of bolder it is. That overhang from here looks impossible, It looks as though it shouldn’t be there, it looks as though it’s floating.”

He continued to say he admired the “theatrical force of the cantilever” and favourably compared the building to its owner, who is a former boxer, saying it had “all the resilience of a prize fighter, ready to resist the rising tide.”

Former boxer Geoff showed Kevin around his ambitious home built above a flood plain in Essex

As Geoff proudly showed off the results of his investment and hard work, some viewers weren’t impressed.

One said, “It looks more like they’re constructing a new Aldi warehouse rather than a house.” Another compared it to “Costa Del Asda.”

Other viewers criticised Geoff’s bold interior choices, including a huge coral-coloured velvet sofa on a blue carpet, a floor-to-ceiling wine rack, and some brightly coloured ceramic ornaments.

Mean viewers compared the house to a supermarket

Someone tweeted, ‘Geoff made the ugliest house I’ve ever seen.”

Another agreed, saying “Awful house, awful decor” and a third chimed in: “Bloody hell Geoff, you spend all that money on a super modern house and then you decorate it like me grandmas place.”

But Geoff was understandably proud of his home, defending himself by saying “I like outrageous.”

Some fans of Grand Designs criticised Geoff’s choices for interior decoration

Kevin, who has presented Grand Designs from its beginnings in 1999, and has examined more than 200 new builds since then, supported him.

He said: “You’re a man of interesting tastes. It’s out there but then so are you.”

Grand Designs is on C4, Wednesdays, 9pm.

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