Gran was ‘psychotic and screaming’ after suspected drink spiking on date night

The 50-year-old. from Hull, went out for a bite to eat with her husband but ended up feeling ‘psychotic’ after a few sips of wine – leading her to believe her drink was tampered with

The 50-year-old woman was rushed to hospital and believes her drink was tampered with

A grandmother’s romantic date night left her suffering with concussion as she suspects her wine was spiked.

The 50-year-old from Hull, went out for a bite to eat with her husband before ending up in an ambulance after her drink was allegedly tampered with.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Hull Live she “fell straight down” after leaving her local pub and suffered several episodes of hallucination.

Now, a few months after the “despicable” experience, she wants to warn women that spiking is not exclusive to young people.

Speaking out to warn others, she said she had planned a fun and much-awaited evening with her partner at a local restaurant before going to see a live band.

“I had only had a glass of wine in a trusted local restaurant. But I’ll never be able to order a glass of wine at a bar again,” she said.

“We left a pub and as I got up and fell straight down and apparently hit my head hard, my husband was helped to get me up, we left and I fell again as we got outside. I vomited several times, and passed out too.

The woman has spoken out to warn others of the dangers



“I then became psychotic. I didn’t know who my husband was. I was screaming at something in the room.

“I fought my poor husband who was only trying to help me. I only have snapshots of a few seconds at a time but the rest is a blank.

“An ambulance came to me and after a while we set off to the hospital. I could have died that night, I thank god I had my husband to look after me.”

Her husband rang an ambulance and her unstable condition meant it took a while to get her into the vehicle. She then had another another hallucination in the ambulance and had to stay in hospital overnight.

She said the hospital believed Ketamine was in her drink and requested to view the CCTV from the bar following the 50-year-old’s fall, which caused her to become concussed.

Now, the self-confessed shy grandma who said her “behaviour that night was so far from normal”, wants people of her generation to be aware when going out, whether with friends, family, or on dates.

She added: “I wanted my friends especially women of my generation to be aware.

“It’s really not the poor young girls. It’s anyone available to spike and they’ll do it. It’s beyond despicable. We all associate young people being spiked as hideous as that is.

“Never did I think that night out would end up as it did. It’s a disgusting thing to do to anyone.”

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