Gang of kangaroos invade course as golfer tries to tee off

Australian golfer Wendy Powick had a hazard to overcome as she teed off at the Arundel Hills Country Club, but it wasn’t a bunker, lake, or even deep rough in the way of her drive

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For an amateur golfer, teeing off with a few bunkers and some light rough in front of you can be hazardous enough.

Nature can also throw the occasional spanner in the works, with rabbit holes on fairways, mole hills around greens, or inclement weather all familiar struggles for your standard high-handicapper.

Nothing however, could have prepared Australian player Wendy Powick for what she was faced with as she shaped to tee off at the Arundel Hills Country Club in the Gold Coast.

Wendy Powick was held up on the tee at Arundel Hills by some special visitors

Image: /Instagram)

In a bizarre turn of events, Powick was held up when a troop of kangaroos bounded down the fairway before settling right in front of her.

Rather than be perturbed by the animals resting right in the line of where she would have been planning to hit, Powick saw the funny side, laughing heartily as her playing partner filmed the unique moment.

Sky Sports News duly picked up the video clip on Twitter, and posted it with the question: “The most Australian thing to happen ever?!”

“Amateur golfer Wendy Powick faces an unusual hazard while teeing off at Arundel Hills on the Gold Coast.”

Within a few hours of being posted, the clip had yielded more than 171,000 views, 1,300 retweets and 7,700 likes, as well as a number of appreciative replies.

@williamsnige referenced the fact one kangaroo appeared to stare at Powick for a prolonged period: “Looks like a big one too , I’d be getting in my buggy,” he joked.

The animals settled right in front of Powick

Image: /Instagram)

@TwomeyGerard added “Not your typical gallery at a golfing event but support is support I guess, while @efc_gamer said “At first I thought it was a scene from Jurassic Park.”

Not everyone was impressed however, with @TLandFriends arguing that the golf course had disrupted the natural habitat of the animals “Such a shame that our beautiful habitat, wildlife and eco system is destroyed to make way for another private golf course,” he wrote.

Luckily for Powick, the animals soon got restless and duly moved on to another area of the course, and she was able to continue with the rest of her round.

She later explained that despite the course being in place, the area is in fact the kangaroos’ home and all golfers are well accustomed to being patient and working “around them” during matches.

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