Emmerdale fans disappointed by Luke Posner’s exit as he hints at prison stint

Emmerdale viewers branded Luke Posner’s exit “a waste” as he drove out of the village – but he made a remark that suggests he might not have escaped trouble

Emmerdale viewers were left disappointed by Luke Posner’s exit on Wednesday as he left the village in a car, scared he would end up in prison otherwise.

Luke has split from girlfriend Victoria Sugden and said he was going to move in with a “male friend” in Manchester, potentially a love interest after he has been exploring his sexuality.

Victoria could not forgive Luke after she learnt he had a fight with his brother Lee, who raped her, before Lee died when Victoria’s brother Robert hit him over the head with a shovel.

This means Robert might not be entirely responsible for Lee’s death, but he is currently serving time in prison for it.

Victoria said: “You know this whole act, us, do you know what I think?

Luke Posner departed Emmerdale in a car after saying goodbye to Victoria Sugden



“I think this entire thing has been a weird guilt trip to what you did to your brother, and I was your punishment, me and Harry were.”

“You’re wrong,” said Luke.

“I don’t care what Ethan said to your mum, but if there’s the slightest hint of a chance I could get my brother out of prison…” she added, before telling Luke to leave her alone.

Wendy sobbed as Luke said he might soon be questioned about Lee’s death



This could leave the door open for Robert to return from prison, with Luke possibly taking his place – and Luke knows it based on a comment he made to his tearful mum Wendy as entered his car.

“I just want you to be happy, it’s all I’ve ever wanted, for you to be happy,” Wendy sobbed, before saying she hoped he could work things out with Victoria.

“If she takes the legal route it’s probably best we don’t talk,” Luke replied.

Luke stopped to exchange a look with Victoria before driving away



“Probably get a couple of coppers knocking on my door soon.”

He then drove off, stopping briefly to exchange a look with Victoria, before driving off into the distance.

One viewer tweeted: “Are you serious? Luke gets a really interesting storyline that has the potential to go on for months, develop his character and could have gone in many directions and… it turns out to be his exit story and leaves a couple of weeks later. #Emmerdale “.

Victoria may tell the police Luke was involved in Lee’s death



Another added: “Is that it? Luke’s gone just like that? That storyline between Victoria and Luke was going places, with a good twist and you guys let it fall flat on its face.

“Was expecting a cameo from Robert, or a fight scene between Aaron and Luke at least something #emmerdale “.

A third wrote: “Luke has low key left the village, shame, I would of liked him to face Aaron once he knew the truth I would of loved a showdown.

“Luke had great potential if not for tying him to Vic, it feels a waste to lose the character just as he finally became interesting. #Emmerdale “.

* Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 8pm on ITV, and all of this week’s episodes can be streamed on ITV Hub

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