EastEnders spoilers for next week from Kat’s secret about Scarlett to Gray’s lie

After some comparatively quiet weeks in Albert Square, the summer is set to come to an explosive conclusion as EastEnders reaches some dramatic new twists next week.

The past week saw Gray Atkins lose his temper with Chelsea Fox, seemingly ending their romance for good as he threatened her with legal action.

Meanwhile, longtime fans of the BBC One soap opera got a shock when Janine Butcher’s daughter Scarlett returned to Walford to reunite with her ‘cousin’ Tommy Moon.

Unbeknownst to both Tommy and Scarlett, they are actually half-siblings as they shared a father in the late villain Michael Moon.

Scarlett Butcher returned to EastEnders on Friday after years away



Elsewhere, Zack Hudson’s romance with Nancy Carter heated up but he continues to hide the secret that he and her sister Frankie Lewis were driving the car in the hit-and-run that almost killed her.

Finally, Ruby Allen continued to panic as Jean Slater headed back to Albert Square aware of what the club owner did to Stacey to land her in prison.

So, with all this going on, here is what EastEnders fans have to look forward to next week.

Gray Atkins lies about Tina Carter

Gray Atkins has a new lie about his murder victim Tina Carter


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Serial killer Gary Atkins discovers he has been fired by his law firm next week after his behaviour and is informed by boss Laura and an HR advisor.

Gary is later further enraged to learn that ex Chelsea has been spending money on his credit card and buying herself fancy clothes.

in response, Gray lies to Shirley Carter that he saw her fugitive sister Tina on a bus – despite knowing he murdered her himself last year.

He later relays the same information to Shirley’s son Mick, prompting Shirley to promise that Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts will be punished for letting Tina take the fall for attacking Ian Beale last year.

Kat Slater hides the truth about Scarlett Butcher

After discovering that son Tommy had been in touch with Scarlett Butcher while she has been in foster care, Kat Slater is worried about how her son will react when he learns his cousin Scarlett is actually his half-sister.

Kat goes out of her way next week to show Tommy affection but disappoints him when she says she won’t be letting Scarlett live with them.

Tommy Moon wants to find dad Alfie so he can live with him and Scarlett


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Later in the week, Kat tries to bond with Tommy but he is insistent that she help Scarlett at her upcoming court hearing.

Tommy soon asks Martin Fowler if he has contact details for his dad Alfie Moon, as Tommy hopes he can live with his dad and Scarlett.

Martin realises that Tommy does not know that Michael Moon is his biological father and that Scarlett is his sister, prompting Martin to confront Kat about the situation.

Suki Panesar grows closer to Honey Mitchell

Having grown closer to colleague Honey Mitchell in recent weeks, Suki is oddly calm when son Vinny reveals he has gone into business fixing mobile phones with Phil Mitchell, despite eldest son Kheerat’s protestations.

Later, Suki invites Honey over to dinner but is angered when they are interrupted by her daughter Dr Ash Kaur.

Honey Mitchell and Suki Panesar grow closer next week


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Suki is blamed by Ash when she reveals she failed her performance review at the hospital and that she thinks her mum is responsible for threatening her manager.

In response, Suki plans on buying a new property and turning it into a GP surgery for Ash to work in, prompting further clashes between mother and daughter – until Honey intervenes.

Suki and Honey later get ready for the Pride of Walford Awards, but what is next for their friendship?

Sheree Trueman tries to control son Isaac Baptiste

Domineering mother Sheree Trueman reveals to her husband Patrick that she is taking Isaac Baptiste to Trinidad when he is released from the hospital but is shocked when Isaac and Patrick resist her.

Sheree is furious, but Patrick tries to make her see sense and that Isaac is making progress.

Sheree Trueman continues to try and control son Isaac Baptiste


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

However, Sheree is not convinced and decides to take matters into her own hands as she insists they leave for Trinidad.

Later in the week, Isaac is determined to get his job back at Walford Primary but is upset when Sheree tells him that they want to wait until the online abuse against him calms down.

Patrick soon comes round to Sheree’s way of thinking about Trinidad, but will Isaac agree with his mother in the end?

Vinny Panesar wants revenge on Keegan Butcher-Baker

Vinny Panesar hopes to make Keegan jealous as he hugs Tiffany Butcher-Baker


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

After the heartache of Keegan sleeping with Dotty Cotton, Tiffany Butcher-Baker is depressed when Vinny approaches her and asks her for a drink.

After the drink, the pair hug goodbye and Vinny spies a chance to make Keegan jealous.

However, is there still hope for Keegan and Tiffany’s marriage or has the sandwich seller ruined it for good?

Mick Carter struggles with Zack Hudson’s secret

Mick still feels uncomfortable about hiding the truth about the hit-and-run from daughter Nancy.

Zack tries to go into business with Peter Beale next week for the Argee Bhajee but finds the personal trainer is not interested. Nancy later suggests they go into business together instead, but Zack still feels guilty about hiding the secret too.

Mick Carter hates lying to Nancy next wek


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Later in the week, Frankie returns from her trip to New Zealand to the delight of dad Mick but he is angry when he finds out Nancy wants to go into business with Zack, despite her boyfriend’s attempts to stop it.

Zack and Mick clash over the business proposals from Nancy, but Zack reminds Mick that he is lying to his daughter too, prompting Mick to punch Zack.

Mick clashes with Zack Hudson next week over the hit-and-run secret


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Mick then tells Frankie that they have to tell Nancy the truth.

What will Frankie decide to do and could her decision tear the Carters apart?

Sharon Watts wants to come clean

Phil Mitchell returns from visiting daughter Louise and her mum Lisa Fowler and is angered to see the Arches with new signage and speaks with son Ben Mitchell.

Will Phil Mitchell stop ex-wife Sharon Watts coming clean about what happened to Ian Beale?


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

They are interrupted by Shirley who wants Phil to confess what he did to Ian last year.

Later, Sharon is also told to confess by Shirley in a bid to prove Tina’s innocence.

Sharon speaks with Phil and admits the pressure Shirley and Linda Carter are applying to her and how she feels guilty about what they did to Ian.

Phil reminds his ex-wife that they will face prison time for attack Ian and hiding the truth and warns her to not act stupidly.

Will Sharon heed Phil’s advice?

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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