EastEnders fan theory predicts Scarlett has sinister plan for Kat and Tommy

EastEnders viewers were surprised when Scarlett Moon, the daughter of Janine Butcher, returned to Walford on Friday – but what does she want with Kat Slater and Tommy Moon?

EastEnders: Scarlett Butcher introduces herself to Kat

EastEnders fans are predicting a shock twist behind Scarlett Butcher’s return to Albert Square.

Fans of the BBC One soap were left gobsmacked when Tommy Moon vanished on Friday night’s show and was seen to have secretly met up with his ‘cousin’, Scarlett Butcher.

Kat Slater was shocked to hear that Tommy had been speaking with Scarlett online as she has been in foster homes after her mother Janine Butcher abandoned her.

Tommy hopes that Scarlett can live with them, but Kat turns him down and returns her to her foster home.

Speaking to friend Whitney Dean, Kat admitted that she is scared about Scarlett’s return as she has hidden the fact that she is actually Tommy’s half-sister from her son, as Tommy doesn’t realise that his father is also Scartlett’s, the late Michael Moon.

EastEnders viewers do not trust Scarlett Butcher upon her return to Walford



As viewers will be well aware that actress Charlie Brooks will soon return to our screens Janine, some fans are convinced that the villainess didn’t abandon Scarlett and her involvement in Tommy and Kat’s lives is actually part of an all-new scheme from Janine that involves her daughter conning Kat.

One EastEnders fan wrote on Twitter : “Well Scarlett is definitely not what I was expecting but I think she’s very promising.

“Fairly convinced the care thing is a scam cooked up by Janine. She’d never leave her to be bounced around the care system, especially given her own chaotic childhood. #EastEnders “.

Scarlett had been in secret contact with half-brother Tommy Moon



A different viewer of the BBC One soap opera commented: “What’s everyone first impressions of the new Scarlett Butcher then following her debut tonight? I quite like her she seems a really pleasant girl very down to earth and friendly. Yet she’s the polar opposite of her mother Janine. Could she be putting on an act though #Eastenders ”.

Meanwhile, another admirer of the Walford-set soap wrote: “If Janine wasn’t in on the ‘act’, then Scarlett wouldn’t know about Tommy & if she did, then she’d know he was her brother.”

Many fans can’t imagine Janine Butcher would have abandoned her daughter Scarlett

They went on: “The ‘sweet geek’ is all an act, no way has she had 10 foster parents & no way would Diane, Claire, Ricky,Liam or Tiff have not taken her in”.

Elsewhere, another EastEnders viewer penned: “Scarlett is being used as a mole by Janine to trick Kat into doing something, yes? #EastEnders ”.

Finally, one Janine Butcher fan concluded: “There’s got to be more to Scarlett than meets the eye. Come on she’s Janine AND Michael’s daughter! #EastEnders ”.

Janine Butcher is back on Albert Square soon – but what brings her home?



Next week’s spoilers suggest Kat holds firm on not letting Scarlett live with her and Tommy, but her son is not letting up.

For more on Scarlett Butcher’s rich backstory as a baby on Albert Square, then check out our explainer here.

*EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, with previous episodes available on catch-up on the latter.

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