Corrie spoilers for next week with Johnny death fallout and more tragedy strikes

Super Soap Week may be over on Coronation Street but the aftermath will prove to be just as dramatic.

Last week’s episodes saw Johnny Connor die in the tunnels beneath the Street after attempting to save his beloved wife Jenny Bradley following her falling in a sinkhole.

Meanwhile, Abi Franklin chose not to kill Corey Brent in revenge for his murder of her son Seb but now faces potential legal dramas.

Elsewhere, evil Harvey Gaskell escaped custody and tried to kill Leanna Battersby but ended up mistakenly shooting Natasha Blakeman before Leanne injured him in a car crash and he was recaptured.

Finally, Dev Alahan was in a car crash that saw him choose to rescue his daughter Asha and not her twin brother Aadi. Both survived but now the family must live with Dev’s choice.

Here’s what is coming up next week on Corrie.

Johnny Connor dead

Jenny Connor grieves for husband Johnny next week on Coronation Street



The Street deals with the impact of losing Johnny Connor in the tunnels beneath the community after the sinkhole disaster.

While Carla Connor will be mourning her dad with great sadness, his former wife Jenny Bradley takes to drinking and throwing a party in her beloved husband’s honour.

As this creates tensions with Carla and her own step-daughter Daisy Midgley, Jenny grows more isolated than ever.

Jenny’s grief begins to alienate her from others



Jenny drinks away her pain but ends up causing conflict

What is next for the grieving landlady of the Rovers?

Natasha Blakeman fights for life

After Harvey Gaskell tried to kill Leanne Battersby and mistakenly shot Natasha Blakeman instead, next week sees Simon Barlow blaming himself for the situation.

Nick Tilsley and Leanne must decide how to break the news to Nick and Natasha’s young son Sam that his mother was shot.

Sam tells Natasha she is the best mum in the world and a she is wheeled away to the operating theatre she tells him she loves him.

Will Natasha Blakeman survive?

Sam soon pays a visit to his mum, Natasha, in hospital and they share a sweet scene before she is taken away for treatment.

Will Natasha be okay or could further tragedy strike?

What will Simon do next and is Harvey’s evil reign of terror finally over?

Dev Alahan struggles over Aadi

Meanwhile, Dev Alahan struggles with his guilt after having chosen to save daughter Asha’s life after the car crash and not son Aadi.

Dev Alahan tries to rebuild his family after the car crash

Aadi confides in his girlfriend Summer Spellman about the situation with his dad, describing Asha as his dad’s favourite child.

Dev soon makes Aadi the offer of being assistant manager of the Alahan empire, which Aadi appears to happily accept.

Can Dev mend their relationship or is it too late?

David Platt gets bad news

As the Street reels from the disaster, Leo Thompkins informs David Platt that if the sinkhole had been fixed sooner then the disasters would not have occurred.

David Platt and wife Shona face anger from the street

Later in the week, rumours surface and furious residents confront the Platts.

David admits the truth about the repairs, prompting further anger.

What will happen to the Platts now?

Abi Franklin secrets

Abi Franklin hides that she tried to shoot Corey Brent, but Roy Cropper struggles with his conscience over lying for her and that it may have been her gun that Harvey used to shoot Natasha.

Abi Franklin continues to hide what she planned for Corey

Roy Cropper struggles with his conscience

Attempting to plough ahead as normal, Abi gets a shock when her ex and Seb’s father Tez returns wanting the gun.

As the pair argue, Abi later lies to partner Kevin Webster that the argument was about Seb, prompting Kevin to grow angry with Tez.

However, everything changes when Kev’s son Jack discovers the letter that Abi wrote to Kevin explaining she was going to kill Corey.

Nina Lucas and Asha Alahan search for justice

Former lovers Nina Lucas and Asha Alahan try to track down Stu when they spot him wearing a Weatherfield County Backpack similar to Corey’s from the rover he had on the night Seb died.

Eager to prove Corey’s guilt the pair try to track down Stu but have no luck with the police.

Nina Lucas and Asha Alahan try to bring Corey down



Asha gets a surprise from Nina – will they give their romance another go?



Speaking to vicar Billy Mayhew, Nina and Asha learn that Stu is a regular at the soup kitchen and volunteer there to catch him out.

However, they are unaware that Stu is onto their plan.

Sean Tully later helps the girls track Stu down by introducing them to his friend Carol who takes them to a homeless community on the riverbank.

Carol is shocked when the girls rifle through Stu’s things but then they spot the man himself and chase him down to speak to him and ask for his help.

Stu approaches Corey and offers him back the backpack – for a price

Will Corey pay up or risk being exposed?

The two fail to convince Stu to get involved in potentially bringing Corey to justice and he leaves.

Once he’s gone, Nina tells Asha she wants tot give their romance another go, leaving Asha delighted.

Is Nina ready to move on from Seb?

Later, Stu visits Corey and offers him the backpack back – for a price.

Curtis Delamere’s health worsens

Emma Brooker is fawning over boyfriend Curtis Delamare after he turned into a hero during the sinkhole disaster.

She does worry, however, when he reveals he would be taking another shift at the hospital.

Curtis Delamere faces health woes continuing

Emma Brooker confides in her dad Steve McDonald

Amid the extra work, Curtis discovers a clump of his hair had fallen out in a devastating new side effect of his illness.

Curtis is in need of money to seek further tests and treatment, prompting Emma to ask her dad Steve McDonald if she can borrow money from the funds raised to help his late son Oliver.

However, Emma is left bitterly disappointed when Steve reveals he can’t as it would be an illegal misuse of the funds raised.

Ryan Connor gets suspicious of Zeedan Nazir

As Zeedan Nazir gets further in over his head when it comes to money laundering, he spies a chance to launder more money for Hashim through the Speed Daal till.

Ryan Connor witnesses Zeedan Nazir having a shady meeting

Ryan confronts Zeedan about what is going on

Zeedan’s sister Alya is completely oblivious and Hashim warns Zeedan in a meeting that he had a month to launder the money through.

Meanwhile, after the storm destroyed his DJ equipment, Ryan Connor is convinced that his DJ career is over and Alya offers him shifts at Speed Daal.

Once there, Ryan notices Zeedan’s heated exchange with Hashim.

Will Ryan rumble Alya’s brother?

*Coronation Street continues next week from 7.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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