Coronation Street’s Aadi ‘mentally scarred’ after being chosen to die over Asha

Coronation Street actors Adam Hussain and Tanisha Gorey have teased what viewers can expect from the devastating crash – and who could die

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Aadi Alahan will be left “mentally scarred” if he manages to survive being left to die in a burning car by dad Dev on Coronation Street.

During the ITV soap’s biggest ever week, which will see at least one resident killed off, the Alahans are involved in a horrific car crash.

Dev is forced to make an impossible decision – which of his children should he save?

Leading up to the heart-wrenching scenes, the dynamic between the father and his twins is “strained”, with Aadi feeling resentment towards Dev and believing that he is second best to his sister.

Actor Adam Hussain, who plays Aadi, explained to the Mirror and other news outlets: “At the moment it’s very strained, obviously there has always been this sibling rivalry.

Dev is put in an impossible situation on Coronation Street

“I feel like he has resentment to his father as there has always been little moments where Dev has undermined Aadi in a certain way such as when Asha got better grades than him. All of those moments have built on that resentment. Aadi is believing that his father doesn’t really care about him and keeps him around for running the shop.”

While Tanisha Gorey (Asha) said: “They’re not only brother and sister, they’re twins so they have this extra bond. There is a lot of rivalry growing up, they don’t want to share – it’s normal for siblings.

“We have seen moments of them being real siblings as Aadi did support her after being a bit of an idiot. He fought for her and wanted her to be happy – he had been harsh and ashamed but he does really love her and we do see that. Because of how much Asha has been through and we have looked at it all so closely, she seems to be favoured and a lot of factors have it – they both don’t have a mother.

He leaps out of the car to help his daughter

“She doesn’t have the female lead that when she goes through changes and Dev doesn’t have any of that. Asha feels Aadi does have that in a dad so Dev is trying to put all that extra effort for it. She thinks she does need that help and support and she is a bit of a brat and doesn’t look at the other side of the coin.”

Opening up about the dramatic scenes, which see a lorry plough into the back of their car, Adam revealed what happens afterwards.

“Aadi’s awake, sat right next to Dev and he is asking him to help him so they can both help Asha but in a frantic moment, Dev stumbles out the car and says to Aadi, ‘help yourself’ and I think that is the catalyst moment for him.

Aadi is stuck in the car and can’t get out

“He has always treated Asha better but this is the real tipping point for him. Dev sees she is unconscious but Aadi is still there asking him to help.

“The very last thing Dev says to him is ‘help yourself’. He feels like he has to take care of himself for him now on – his own dad won’t help him out of a burning car. He’s always had to look after himself with the work at the shop so he’s not entirely shocked, it’s more of a realisation.”

Dev carries Asha away from the burning car

Tanisha added: “[Asha] needed to be dragged out of the car but once she sees the state of him it’s heartbreaking – there are so many what ifs. No one knows what is going to happen to him. If she found out, she would feel terribly guilty.”

Teasing the future impact Dev’s decision could have on their family dynamic, Tanisha said: “It’s such a big decision – obviously your kids’ lives are on the line, it could really change the dynamic. There isn’t one of the three that wasn’t involved and Aadi’s resentment could become big if he gets out. In that situation and you’re in survival mode, I can’t blame him for feeling that either.”

“It must change quite a bit, that resentment has built up to an explosion now,” Adam agreed. “Imagine being chosen to die over someone else? That would mentally scar anyone.”

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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