Construction worker amazingly survives after a 20ft metal pole pierces his brain

A 24-year-old looked up after hearing his name and the metal bar smashed through his head. He has had successful surgery to remove it but requires further treatment

A man has survived after a metal pole pierced through his brain

A construction worker has miraculously survived after a 20ft pole pierced his skull and went through his brain when it fell from the 20th floor of a building site.

The 24-year-old heard his named called and when he looked up he saw the metal pole hurling towards him, before it smashed through his head.

Workers on the construction site say the metal rod suddenly became loose before it fell.

The unnamed man was rushed to Flores Hospital, Ghaziabad, north India, where pictures and X-rays revealed the full extent of his injuries.

Photos shows the man lying in a hospital bed impaled with the metal rod after most had been cut away by fellow construction workers.

Fellow construction workers were able to cut away some of the pole before he was taken to hospital



Doctors carried out four hour emergency surgery which saw them remove half of his skull to prevent further damage to his brain.

Neurosurgeon Dr Abhinav Gupta said the construction worker, from Jharkhand, would have a 90% survival rate following the surgery.

But he said he would need further surgery to put the skull fragment back in place in the coming months.

A local source said: “His left side has now become paralysed after the surgery.”

Surgery so far has been successful to remove the bar from his head but he needs further treatment and his life is not yet out of danger



Following the incident on July 31, doctors say he is now breathing unaided and has been able to open his eyes.

Doctors added the patient would need physiotherapy and rehab in the future as a result of his injuries.

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