Botox is to be banned for under-18s over ‘Love Island surge’ in demand

Health minister Nadine Dorries said that she herself has used Botox in the past and feels it is fine for adults but the government is now acting to protect younger people

The UK government is to ban Botox for people under 18

Children are to be banned from having Botox with the government acting to stop under-18s using the treatment following a surge in demand put down to shows like Love Island, it has been reported.

From October 1, i t will be illegal for businesses to carry out Botox and fillers on children, health minister Nadine Dorries announced.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Dorries said: “This change is aimed to protect young people from the potential health risks of Botox and fillers, and brings the use of such procedures into line with age restrictions that apply to body modifications such as tattoos, teeth-whitening and the use of sunbeds.”

She added that failing to verify the age of customers before appointments would lead to prosecution.

There were reportedly more than 41,000 procedures including lip enhancements last year by people under the age of 18.

Nadine Dorries said that the decision is to protect young people


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Dorries said there has been a “boom” in people wanting the “ Instagram Face” and “seeking cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers to give them the high cheekbones, cat-like eyes and full lips seen in the heavily airbrushed photos that celebrities post on social media.”

She said that she has used Botox without going overboard with it and claimed it was fine once people had got to a certain age.

But she added: “Far too many people have been left emotionally and physically scarred after botched cosmetic procedures. So we are continuing to work closely with organisations to assess the need for stronger safeguards around potentially harmful cosmetic procedures.”

Popular television shows like ITV2’s Love Island have been blamed for the surge in interest in cosmetic enhancements.

Contestants on the show, or many celebrities generally, show signs of having Botox as they try and enhance their looks and it is pushing some fans to follow suit.

There has been a spike in demand for Botox and other enhancements


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There was an argument on Love Island this year where Sharon Gaffka and Faye Winter were angered by Hugo Hammond saying he didn’t like fake looks.

Molly-Mae Hague, a former contest on Love Island, has told how she has now reversed lip fillers and other treatment that she had as a teenager as she prefers a more natural look.

Some practitioners have been blamed for trying to encourage people to look like their celebrity idols by offering treatments like the Kim Kardashian package.

There have also been a rise in complaints over botched Botox treatments and lip fillers with errors leading to the possibility of serious consequences such as blood clots or necrosis where the tissue dies.

Campaign group Save Face reportedly received 2,083 complaints over failed treatments last year which is up from 217 in 2016.

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