‘Boris Johnson given sobering reminder how little clout he has on world stage’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to persuade Joe Biden to delay the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and he should have foreseen the consequences of the President’s decision

Joe Biden warns of ‘growing risk’ of an attack from ISIS

Boris Johnson was today given a sobering reminder of how little clout he has on the world stage.

The Prime Minister failed in his attempt to persuade Joe Biden to delay the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in order to secure more time for the evacuation effort.

Western countries now face a desperate scramble to rescue as many Afghans as possible before the August 31 deadline.

Despite the heroic efforts of UK troops, diplomats and aid workers, the dark truth is that they will not able to save everyone at risk from the incoming Taliban regime.

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The leaders of the G7 nations today called on the Taliban to guarantee safe passage to all those who wanted to leave, and warned they would be held accountable for acts of terrorism and human rights abuses.

These are noble words but without US backing, other G7 countries have limited influence. Mr Johnson should have foreseen the consequences of President Biden’s decision.

Stink of sleaze

If you have a large enough chequebook, you can buy access to the Prime Minister and other leading members of the Cabinet.

The fact that this arrangement exists is bad enough. But it is even more unsatisfactory when the Tories refuse to name which billionaire donors have paid for such access.

Without transparency, it is impossible to tell whether favours are being granted in return for contributions to Conservative coffers.

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If the party has nothing to hide, it should reveal the names of this elite donors’ club.

Its failure to do so only adds to the stench of sleaze surrounding this government.

Watt a guy

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts was no Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

While the other members of the band famously enjoyed rock ’n’ roll lifestyles, he was happy leading a quiet life.

But he was the one who gave the band its beat and its soul.

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