Baby survives after lorry crash kills both parents in Germany

Young parents Lisa and Christopher Klotz, from the German state of Hessen, died when their car collided with a lorry during a short trip out to buy supplies for their nine-month-old baby boy

Lisa, 26, and Christoph, 28, from the German state of Hesse who died in a car accident – leaving their nine-month-old child orphaned

A nine-month-old baby has survived a head-on crash with a lorry in Germany that killed both his parents.

Parents Lisa, 26, and Christopher Klotz, 28, were making a short trip to buy supplies for their nine-month-old baby boy on Wednesday afternoon when their car collided with an oncoming lorry.

The family’s vehicle veered into the opposite lane on the short motorway in the rural town of Marburg-Biedenkopf, around 55 miles north of Frankfurt, according to a police investigation in the days since the accident.

The force of the collision launched their car in to the vehicle behind them before all three skidded off the road, including the lorry which overturned and landed in a ditch.

Both parents died at the scene but their baby, who was buckled into his child seat, survived but with serious injuries.

He is currently recovering in hospital with two broken thighbones and a cerebral haemorrhage.

The truck driver was taken to hospital for treatment but is responsive, according to reports.

The crash happened on a small motorway, just 45 minutes from the family home, in the central German state of Hessen



According to a police investigation in the days since the crash, it was the baby’s father, Christopher, who merged into the opposite lane for reasons currently being investigated by the police.

Lisa’s father Frank Dehnert, 55, who lived with the family and is currently being treated for cancer with chemotherapy, said: “They actually planned to be back around 3pm. My daughter usually called me when she was late.”

The man added: “From 3.15pm on, I kept trying to call. I read about the accident on Facebook. I thought that maybe that’s why the two of them late, as they were stuck in a traffic jam.”

When police came to the family home at 5.15pm, Frank said he “basically knew what was going on.”

He explained how his nephew is the only thing keeping him alive and added: “I think he is also experiencing trauma, he wakes up every 15 minutes, flinches, screams and can only really be calmed down by me.”

The 55-year-old man plans to apply to take custody of nine-month-old, despite his difficult health and financial situation.

He said he helped the young family by vouching for Lisa and Christoph’s €400,000 (£338,000) investment in the property they all lived in.

The police have not revealed further details regarding the crash investigation yet.

Following the multi-car pile-up, emergency services prevented traffic driving through by locking off the road for several hours.

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