A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine was ‘ashamed of hoarder mum’ after grandad’s murder

A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman has told that she is no longer “ashamed” that her mother is a hoarder.

The TV star, 45, grew up in fear of people finding out that her home was filled with piles of belongings that her mum was unable to get rid of – due to suffering from being unable to discard or part with possessions, regardless of their actual value.

“I have spent much of my life feeling ashamed and embarrassed, but it is nothing to be ashamed of” she explained to The Sun.

“I thought it was a lifestyle choice. I thought it was controllable. I now know it’s not a lifestyle choice. My mum isn’t lazy. She can’t help it.”

Her mother Vasoulla is now seeking help for the condition, by seeing a therapist, which Jasmin and her mum believe was triggered by the tragedy of her maternal grandfather, Evangelos, being murdered at the age of 32.

Jasmin’s mum and her mother – Jasmin’s grandma – left Cyprus shortly after Evangelos was shot during a time of political unrest between the Left and Right on the island.

After he was shot he was in the hospital for thirteen days before he died on the 14th day. No one was charged.

A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman grew up “ashamed and embarrassed” by her mum’s hoarding

Vasoulla told: “It was a trauma and it triggered me to want safety and security. Almost all cases of hoarding disorder can be connected to a trauma or loss.”

She added that she struggled to stop hoarding as it is “a barricade” to stop herself feeling in danger.

Jasmin also said that she used to kept her mum’s hoarding – which a Vasoulla says began at the age of six – a “secret” but is thankful that it has led to her being “driven and ambitious” and where she is now.

Jasmine Harman and mum Vasoulla
Her mother Vasoulla is now seeking help for the condition and Jasmin says she understands her mum cannot “help it”

Jasmin and her mum
Jasmin and her mum believe the tragedy of her maternal grandfather, Evangelos, being murdered at the age of 32 triggered the hoarding

The popular Channel 4 host is married to cameraman husband Jon Boast and the couple share children Albion and Joy.

Jasmin and Jon fell madly in love with each other on set when she was filming her first series of A Place In The Sun in Portugal

Speaking about their romance, she recently spilled the story of how they fell in love all those years ago

She told The Express’ Saturday magazine: “I met my husband Jon on my first A Place In The Sun.

“We did a pilot in South Africa, but when I filmed my first show for the series in Portugal, he was the cameraman.

A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman with family
Jasmin shares two children with her husband Jon

A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine was 'ashamed of hoarder mum' after grandad's murder

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“I wouldn’t actually say it was love at first sight, it was more of a slow burn. We met, became great friends and then we fell in love.

“Now we’ve got two children and a dog.”

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