Who are Scott and Sarah Walker and what happened to Bernadette?

SCOTT and Sarah Walker are the parents of teenage girl Bernadette, who went missing in 2020.

Bernadette disappeared aged 17 after confiding in her mum that her step-dad had allegedly been sexually abusing her.


Scott and Sarah Walker were convicted after their daughter Bernadette went missing

Who are Scott and Sarah Walker?

Sex-obsessed monster Scott Walker, 51, was found guilty on July 26, 2021 of his step-daughter Bernadette’s murder after forming an “unholy alliance” with her mum Sarah Walker, 38, and spinning a web of lies to dupe police.

Scott Walker was found guilty of stepdaughter Bernadette’s murder after forming an “unholy alliance” with her mum Sarah and spinning a web of lies to dupe police.

The couple sent messages from her phone and social media accounts after reporting her missing to “lay a false trail”.

Bernadette’s mum Sarah was convicted of two counts of perverting the course of justice.

Scott Walker cooked up the “devious, wicked” plot after Bernadette told her mum he had been sexually abusing her in a murderous bid to silence her.

Both defendants had pleaded not guilty during a six-week trial at Cambridge Crown Court.

They are due to be sentenced in September.

What happened to Bernadette Walker?

Bernadette Walker was last seen alive on July 18, 2020 when Scott Walker picked her up from her grandparents’ house in Peterborough.

The court was told heard how Bernadette, who called Walker ‘Dad’, told her mum he had been “sexually abusing her over a number of years”.

She also said he spied on her undressing using cameras hidden in the bathroom and touched her inappropriately in a games room.

The teen was sent to her grandparents’ home in Peterborough after the sickening allegations were made and was said to be “very upset”.

Bernadette kept sobbing and saying she wanted her mum to believe her as she kept repeating: “I’m not lying”.

Walker arrived the next morning to pick her up.

The depraved dad told the court how he was driving Bernadette home that day when she ran off while he rolled a cigarette.

The fiend’s phone was switched off on the day she vanished between 11.23am until 12.54pm – with prosecutors saying he killed her in that period.

His first call after switching his phone back on was a nine-minute call to Sarah Walker.

It is then they concocted a grim plan to throw investigators off the scent and make them believe Bernadette was still alive.

 The teenager’s body has never been found.

Bernadette Walker’s mother rings 999 to report teenage daughter ‘missing’

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