Queen’s shock at ‘spotting GHOST of Elizabeth I haunting Windsor Castle’

WINDSOR Castle is over a thousand years old and is probably no stranger to things that go bump in the night.

The Queen’s favourite Royal palace, which is open to the public, is reportedly home to at least 25 former residents – including former kings and queens.

And according to a new book its current occupant once saw a frightening apparition of the original Elizabeth when she and her sister Margaret were children.

In Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland, author Richard Jones said the girls claimed they spotted Good Queen Bess roaming the hallways and a guard is reported to have seen her in the library.

The 16th century monarch, who is buried in Westminster Abbey next to her sister Mary I, is said to frequently been seen pacing the floor in her heels.

Some may take it as a sign of destiny for the second Elizabeth – or that children can be very impressionable.

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  • Who has played Charles on The Crown?

    Dominic West has been cast as the middle-aged version of Prince Charles in the fifth series of the Crown which is currently being filmed.

    He is likely to be the last person to take on the Prince of Wales as the series is scheduled to end with its sixth series – which is rumoured to go up to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.

    Previously Charles had been portrayed as a young man by Josh O’Connor during Series three and four – opposite Olivia Coleman as his mum.

    O’Connor himself took over the part from child actors Julian Baring, who played Charles as boy at boarding school in series two, and Billy Jenkins – who played him as a small child in series one.

  • Meghan’s brother doubts her Oprah claims

    Meghan Markle’s brother has said he doubts her claim she did not get access to a therapist when she was in the Royal family.

    Thomas Markle Jr told housemates on Australia’s Big Brother VIP he didn’t agree with the allegations made by the Duchess of Sussex in her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

    He said: “I don’t 100 per cent buy that and I don’t agree with some of the things on the Oprah interview like not having those services available. I can’t imagine being that sheltered. “

    As housemates began to bristle, he continued with his onslaught on Megan saying “she kind of knew what she was getting into”.

    The comments are unlikely to go down well with his sister if he’s purported desire to reconnect.

  • Queen contemplating her mortality, says author

    THE Queen is “coming to terms” with the idea that “she won’t be around forever”, a royal expert says.

    The monarch paid a moving tribute to her son Charles and grandson William during her recorded COP26 speech yesterday.

    And she told delegates: “We none of us will live forever.”

    Her Majesty is currently taking a two-week break from her duties on doctors’ orders after an overnight stay in hospital during October.

    She was seen out in Windsor yesterday behind the wheel of her Jaguar – a sighting that will doubtless reassure Brits concerned for her health.

    Unlike some of her European counterparts the Queen has reportedly never considered retiring or abdicating and will continue to devote herself to duty until the end.

  • The Queen’s horrible year

    The Queen famously described 1992 – the year Windsor Castle was engulfed in fire and Charles and Diana separated – as her ‘annus horribilis’. But we reckon 2021 may have topped it.

    • February/March – Harry & Meghan made Megxit official with an explosive Oprah interview claiming the family did not support Meghan and questioned Archie’s skin colour
    • April – The loss of her beloved husband Philip who died aged 99
    • August/September – Prince Andrew hides with his mother at Balmoral to avoid summons over allegations of sleeping with a 17-year-old trafficking victim
    • September – Prince Charles’ key aid is forced to step down over allegations the charity lobbied for honours for key donors
    • October – The Queen’s declining health means she has had to spend nights in hospital and will be forced to miss the COP26 summit
    • November – In her message to COP26 she says ‘none of us lives forever’ as people believe she is considering her own mortality
  • No smiles anymore

    Prince Harry never smiles since marrying “cold” Meghan Markle, her half-brother has claimed.

    Thomas Markle Jr, 55, branded the duchess “shallow” and said she will dump Harry, the same way she “walked all over” her first husband Trevor Engelson.

    He says he does not know how she managed to land a prince because of the way she treated her first husband.

    Despite this, Thomas Jr is insisting he wants to reconnect with her.

  • Glasgow is a ‘fitting’ location for climate summit

    The monarch said that it was fitting the COP26 talks were taking place in Glasgow – which was once the heartland of Britain’s industrial revolution.

    She was addressing the summit in a video message as she was unable to attend the climate talks in person after she cancelled all public engagements on doctors’ orders.

    Glasgow, which is still Scotland’s largest city, was one of the major cities – along with Manchester and Birmingham – which grew rapidly during the 19th century to accommodate the UK’s rapid economic growth.

    It specialised in heavy industry and there is still shipbuilding going on at the city’s dockyards to this day – though the industry has significantly declined.

  • Harry ‘can’t have it both ways’

    Angela Levin, who spent a year accompanying Harry on his royal duties, said the royal “can’t have it both ways”.

    “I imagine he could well feel snubbed,” she said.

    I think he’s very sensitive now about his family, and I think he’s between a rock and a hard place, but he’s on a one-way road.

    “He was very close to his father and his brother, but is so rude about them now – and he may well feel that he’s missing out.

    “He’s missed out on this climate change discussion, which he’s trying to work for as well.

    “But you can’t have it both ways.”

  • Prince Charles hobnobs with President Joe Biden

    Prince Charles was seen chatting to the U.S. President during a drinks reception in Glasgow last night.

    According to People, Biden thanked the Royal family for its commitment to fighting climate change and the pair discussed the way forward.

    An administration official said: “They underlined the need for ambitious commitments and concrete actions among partners worldwide and discussed Prince Charles’ initiatives to engage the private sector on sustainability.

    “President Biden reaffirmed the strength of the enduring ties between the United Kingdom and the United States, and he thanked the United Kingdom for hosting COP26.”

  • Princes meet Jeff Bezos

    COP26 kicked off this week and the royal family have been heavily involved with it’s proceedings.

    Yesterday Prince William was joined by Jeff Bezos to discuss the Earthshot Prize and how they will put winners plans in to action.

    Later on the controversial Amazon founder and wannabe space cowboy spoke to Prince Charles and announced he would be giving $1m (£732m) to fund reforestation projects.

    The money is a tiny fraction of his estimated total wealth of $193bn (£142bn).

  • Will Prince Louis be the next Duke of York?

    If Prince Andrew hangs onto his title, he won’t be able to pass it onto his children.

    Despite changes to the Act of Succession means girls could inherit the throne on the same terms of as boys, the rules about passing on titles remain the same.

    This is why Princess Anne is only known as the ‘Princess Royal’ rather than getting her own Dukedom or Earldom like her brothers.

    Prince Andrew does not have any legitimate sons so the title will go into abeyance (meaning unused or suspended) until the monarch decides to grant it again.

    This means the most likely to candidate to pick up the slightly tarnished moniker is Prince Louis.

    Second sons/brothers to monarchs are traditionally granted the title so it is likely to be given to him by Prince Charles, William or George when and if he gets married.

  • Taking a tumble

    Just before Charles powerful speech he took a tumble up the stairs on the way to the podium.

    Somewhat ironically, Charles then urged world leaders to adopt a “war-like footing”to tackle the climate crisis as he opened the COP26 summit.

    The 72-year-old called for a “vast military-style campaign” to address urgent environmental issues.

    The royal, who has spent decades trying to raise awareness of the growing crisis, spoke at the opening ceremony of the major conference in Glasgow.

    He stressed the urgency of dealing with the climate crisis, saying: “We have to put ourselves on what might be called a war-like footing.”

  • Who is the Duke of Edinburgh now?

    When Prince Philip died he automatically passed on his title to his eldest child – Prince Charles.

    However, obviously Charles is going to get a bigger and better title someday so the plan was instead to pass it onto his little brother Prince Edward.

    But it appears that Charles will not pass on the title till he actually becomes King.

    So far now Edward has to make do with being a ‘mere’ Earl – one step down on the aristocratic ladder.

  • Who play Charles and Diana in The Crown?

    Dominic West has been cast as the middle-aged version of Prince Charles in the fifth series of the Crown which is currently being filmed.

    He is likely to be the last person to take on the Prince of Wales as the series is scheduled to end with its sixth series – which is rumoured to go up to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.

    Previously Charles had been portrayed as a young man by Josh O’Connor during Series three and four – opposite Olivia Coleman as his mum.

    O’Connor himself took over the part from child actors Julian Baring, who played Charles as boy at boarding school in series two, and Billy Jenkins – who played him as a small child in series one.

    Diana meanwhile was played by relative newcomer Emma Corrin as a young bride in series four and will be played by The Night Manager star Elizabeth Debicki in series five.

  • ‘None of us live forever’

    The 95-year-old monarch ended her speech to COP26 with a poignant reminder that life on Earth is fleeting.

    It comes as she was forced to stay home for health reasons and just seven months after the death of her beloved husband at the age of 99.

    Addressing world leaders in a video message, she said “the time for words has now moved to the time for action.”

    She added: “Of course, the benefits of such actions will not be there to enjoy for all of us here today: we none of us will live forever.

    “But we are doing this not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children, and those who will follow in their footsteps.
    “And so, I wish you every good fortune in this significant endeavour.”

  • What Meghan’s dad thinks about Harry (continued)

    Thomas Jr went on to reveal that his dad wanted Harry to call him up and even visit him to formally ask if he could marry Meghan.

    “He wants Harry to do things proper like call him on the phone, go see him in person, and ask ‘Can I take your daughter’s hand in marriage’.

    “He cherishes Meghan, he worships her, I feel sorry for him because she won’t even pick up the phone and call my father ever, and then he is in the dark as much as everybody else is.”

  • What Meghan’s dad really thinks of Harry

    Meghan Markle’s dad doesn’t think Prince Harry could protect the chickens in their garden, her brother Thomas has claimed.

    Thomas Markle Jr was being interviewed at the start of Big Brother VIP in Australia in which he tore into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

    He was asked if he had any correspondence with Harry at all after the wedding.

    “No, not me. My father did. My dad doesn’t approve of them,” he said.

    “My father said he couldn’t even protect those chickens in the backyard if he needed to.”

  • Meghan to give feminist talk

    Meghan Markle is due to speak on women’s empowerment at a fancy New York conference next week.

    The Duchess of Sussex has been announced as a speaker on ‘women reaching economic and professional parity’ with men as part of the New York Times Dealbook summit.

    It is believed she will speak about her ongoing campaign to get paid parental leave through the U.S. Congress.

    The USA is the only country in the OECD club of wealthier nations not to guarantee some sort of leave from work after the birth of a child.

    Her name is listed alongside other big name speakers such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

  • Can Camilla be a counsellor of state? (continued)

    Officially the rules, set out in the Regency Act of 1937, are that the first four people in the line of succession take up the other spots – but if they are under 21 there place is filled by the closest adult in the line.

    Prince William’s children currently outrank Harry in the line of succession but he and Andrew will keep their places in theory until Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis come of age.

    As the rules current stand it is actually Princess Beatrice – who 33 and 10th in the line of succession – who should take Philip’s place as Harry’s children are also too young.

    But rules are made to be broken and Camilla might seem a better candidate that the scandal engulfed Andrew and distant Harry.

  • Can Camilla be a counsellors of state?

    There are four current counsellors of state – Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince William and Prince Harry.

    As soon as Prince Charles becomes king she will automatically become eligible as the Royal consort.

    But there is currently one vacant place at the Queen’s top table following Prince Philip’s death.

    Until his death April, Prince Philip was the longest serving counsellor to her Majesty having assumed the title in 1952.

  • Why is Camilla known as the Duchess of Cornwall?

    When Camilla first married Prince Charles in 2005, the Royals said she would be known – and addressed – as the Duchess of Cornwall.

    This was due to the widespread popularity of Charles’ first wife, Princess Diana, who tragically died a year after their divorce in 1997.

    She is still automatically the Princess of Wales. Diana was also the Duchess of Cornwall as a secondary title by right of being Charles’ wife.

    Charles is the Duke of Cornwall. He is also known as the Duke of Rothesay when he is in Scotland.

  • Courage calls…

    The Queen has issued a rallying call for nations to come to together to fight climate change.

    No doubt calling on memories of the Allies fight against the Axis powers during World War Two, she reminded world leaders there is “always room for hope” when they are united.

    In the message to COP26, recorded on Friday: she also said: “None of us underestimates the challenges ahead.

    “But history has shown that when nations come together in common cause, there is always room for hope.

    “Working side by side, we have the ability to solve the most insurmountable problems and to triumph over the greatest of adversities.”

  • Council worker sacked for nasty jokes about Archie and Meghan

    A woman has lost her employment tribunal case against an Essex council after making a racist joke about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy.

    Jane Copley was sacked by Rochford District Council following complaints about allegedly racist and bullying behaviour including sending a picture of a Golliwog to her colleagues saying it is what the future Royal family would look like.

    Meghan, who is mixed-race, announced she was pregnant with Archie in October 2018.

    A golliwog is a type of doll made to look like a black person with exaggerated facial features. They were originally made in the 19th century but remained popular in the UK until the 1970s. They are now widely regarded as racist.

    Copley is also alleged to have compared tennis star Serena Williams to a monkey and saying she decorated her home with ‘tyres and fruit’, Essex Live reported.

  • Why is Meghan campaigning for parental leave?

    Meghan Markle’s bid to get paid family leave in the US failed after Joe Biden dropped it from his $1.75trillion (£1.27trillion) spending plan.

    The Duchess of Sussex wrote to members of the US Congress and Senate earlier this month calling for paid leave for new parents.

    The U.S. is the only wealthy country in the world that does not guarantee paid parental leave. In addition to high medical bills that stem from giving birth in a country without an NHS – having kids in the U.S. is significantly more expensive than it would be in the UK.

    Meghan, it appears however, is not giving up and will now speak at a New York Times online conference next week about improving female and male work parity – a key component of that is everyone (including all genders) having access to family leave when they have children.

  • Who are the longest reigning monarchs?

    The Queen overtook Victoria to become the longest reigning British monarch in 2015 but she has been knocking down milestones throughout her long career.

    Victoria was the previous record holder with a reign of 63 years and 216 days. Following her was George III who reigned for 59 years and 96 days and James I&VII whose reign is dated from when he took the Scottish throne at the age of one in 1567. He took the throne of England in 1603 and died in 1625 – giving him a reign of 57 years and 246 days.

    However, she will have to hang on till 2024 if she wants to become the longest reigning monarch who has EVER lived – or at least one that is properly recorded – as Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, ruled France for 72 years and 110 days.

  • Is there are a plan for the Queen’s death?

    Operation London Bridge is purported to be the code name give for the complex operation for when the Queen dies.

    Her Majesty is the UK’s longest reigning monarch and few alive today will remember a time before she was on the throne.

    Her own accession was sudden after the death of her father – she was famously on a Royal tour in Kenya at the time and had to rush back. She is remains one of the few monarchs to have ever inherited the Crown while not physically in the British Isles.

    As result there have been years of complex planning for what happens when she dies and Charles becomes King.

    As laid out by the Guardian in 2017, it will be a mixture of tradition and politics. Some of the steps include a slightly bizarre sounding ritual where the family will kiss Prince Charles’ hands to accept his rule as well as days of official mourning and an address to the nation.

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