My neighbours really smell & it’s becoming unbearable for me to live with

A WOMAN has told how the “horrendous stench” coming from her neighbour’s house is so bad it leaves her “feeling queasy.”

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet where she admitted that she can see the “ridiculousness” of the issue but added that it’s becoming “unbearable” for her to live with.


A woman has told of the “horrendous stench” coming from her neighbour’s house. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

She went on to explain how her neighbours are in their 30s and have just had a baby like she has, and pointed out that her house is attached on their side, so the properties are joined.

In the post, she continued: “The houses are very old – ours is having some renovations done, theirs was done several years ago so they’re not doing any work or anything like that.”

There is this horrendous stench from their house and I can’t for the life of me understand what it is…”

I can tell when their back door is open because I can smell the smell.. I have racked my brains as to the source but I just can’t think what it could be – it is quite a specific type of smell, kind of musty but sweet.”

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She went onto say how the smell is “constant” and that she has to endure it every time their doors are open.

“I don’t think it’s a ‘rotting’ smell but it does make me feel a bit queasy; it’s thick, heavy and smells very very stale,” she says.

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“Sort of sweet but not in a nice way. I wondered if they could be cooking with a certain type of oil or a fryer. I’ve never had one so can’t compare.”

The woman noted that she’s been into her neighbour’s house on several different occasions and told how it’s “overpowering to be inside.”

She added: “It’s quite dirty (I don’t mean that as in insult) and their kitchen is on our side of the house; I can smell very strongly when she is cooking with her oven and the smell then is like an oven that’s full of grease and never been cleaned.”

“You know when people have ‘their’ smell in their homes – obviously we all do and they are just that – it’s like theirs is really really intense and something is off with it.”

I don’t know if the smell is related to the oven; I have mentioned to her before that I can smell her oven and she did try and improve that but I just am at my wits end with it & don’t know what to do!”

The woman finished by admitting she’s been having “horrible thoughts” that they’ll all end up on a Netflix documentary in 20 years talking about something “very sinister.”

It wasn’t long before social forum users took to the comments section to discuss the unfortunate revelation – with many coming up with their own ideas of what the smell could be.

“Deep fat fryer with old oil in it. The smell permeates everything,” wrote one.

A second commented: “Sounds like the smell of spilled/sicked up baby formula to me. When I was younger, I always associated that smell with homes with new babies.”

A third suggested: “Mice?”

Meanwhile, another asked: “Can you not get an invitation indoors and do a bit of investigating?”

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And a further added: “Mmm I don’t know. I don’t think your described Weed. Just dirty grimy house . Musty er!

I really could NOT cope with this – I am so sensitive to smells it would make me sick but I don’t know what to suggest.”

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