Moment girl sits in dad’s lap after he was handcuffed for not wearing mask

THIS is the moment a little girl sat in her handcuffed dad’s lap after he was stopped by police for failing to wear a mask in a Covid hotspot.

The 31-year-old was walking in through a park in Sydney, Australia, with his young daughter when cops questioned him, as he didn’t have a face covering on as per lockdown rules.


Footage shows the tot run over to her dad and sit on his lapCredit: wahash3/TikTok
The 31-year-old was handcuffed by police after failing to wear a face mask


The 31-year-old was handcuffed by police after failing to wear a face maskCredit: wahash3/TikTok

Footage posted on TikTok shows him sat on the ground in George’s Hall – which is in a stricter lockdown than much of the city – with his hands handcuffed behind his back before his confused daughter runs over and plonks herself on his lap.

Cops allege he became verbally abusive when officers approached him, adding that he had been warned “multiple times” about his conduct.

The clip, shot by a passerby, shows the dad shouting at police as they try to calm him down.

Intervening, the man filming says: “Come on guys, be fair a little bit. He’s got a daughter here, she is by herself. Look, the little girl is scared man.”

Once again, the cops try to calm the dad down as he continues to yell.

“He’s committed an offence,” one of the officers tells the man filming.

But he hits back, saying: “He hasn’t committed an offence – I walked past and saw everything.”

The distressed dad then tells the cops he won’t speak to them until his daughter is beside him, and so one of them gestures for the tot to go over to him.

She then runs over to him before sitting on his lap, as the officers tell the man filming to “stop hindering police”.

“I was arrested because I was filming,” the father shouts. 

An officer replies: “No, you were arrested because you committed an offence. We asked you to get a mask.”

After the dad calms down, the cops remove his handcuffs and he hugs his daughter, before the officers explain that he was arrested for not wearing a mask after an earlier warning.

Following the incident in Garrison Point Reserve on Saturday afternoon, he was released and handed a fine for failing to wear a face covering, police say.

New South Wales Police told Daily Mail Australia he had been repeatedly warned about his behaviour.

“Officers warned the man on multiple occasions about his conduct before he was arrested,” a spokesman told the outlet.

“He was unable to provide a valid explanation or exemption.

‘The man allegedly became verbally abusive and aggressive toward police as they continued with their duties.

NSW is in a state-wide lockdown, and residents can only leave their homes for essential reasons, with face masks mandatory in all public indoor places, as well as outdoor areas – unless exercising.

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