I’m a Dollar Tree superfan, 5 things to never buy and what to get instead

THIS Dollar Tree superfan has at least five things that you should never get from the store, as there may be better and more affordable options.

Dollar Tree expert Sarah, who goes by the handle @sensationalfinds on TikTok, recently posted a video detailing five separate items that aren’t worth the discount at your local Dollar Tree — along with suggesting some quality items to reach for instead.


Dollar Tree expert Sarah has a few items for shoppers to avoidCredit: TikTok/sensationalfinds
The Dollar Tree flip-flops won't last very long, per Sarah


The Dollar Tree flip-flops won’t last very long, per SarahCredit: TikTok/sensationalfinds

1. Shampoos and conditioners

According to Sarah, the Dollar Tree shampoos and conditioners may not be worth the low price.

It’s a low-quality issue that will come back to bite shoppers, Sarah explains.

“They don’t have great quality, it’s not great ingredients,” she claims.

Sarah instead recommends some deep conditioner packs that Dollar Tree has as well, as you don’t need to buy them nearly as often and most are name brand.

2. Flip-flops and sandals

Sarah says that Dollar Tree’s flip-flops and sandals are definitely something that you should refrain from grabbing as well.

“Unless you’re using them for just the shower, then these are not good quality, they don’t hold up, they don’t last,” Sarah claims.

If you’re looking for a lasting sandal that will be more durable and last longer, another sandal from other department stores may be a better option, per Sarah.

For any beach needs, Sarah recommends that shoppers reach for Dollar Tree’s sunglasses instead, with better designs and quality for the price.

3. Batteries

The next item to avoid per Sarah’s recommendation are the Dollar Tree batteries.

She explains that shoppers are likely not getting enough charge for their buck — unless they’re grabbing the “high-drain” batteries.

These batteries that aren’t high-drain aren’t quality and don’t last nearly as long as others, according to Sarah.

4. Garbage bags

According to Sarah, the Dollar Tree trash bags are another item that should be avoided next time shoppers make a trip to the store.

“These are terrible quality, you don’t get many in there — they don’t last,” Sarah says.

She says that you should instead reach for Dollar Tree’s organizational bins.

5. Candles

Lastly, Sarah recommends that shoppers also avoid the Dollar Tree candles next time they head to the store as well.

“Stop buying them, they have no throw, they don’t last, they’re terrible,” Sarah explains.

Per her experience, she says that shoppers should avoid the candles and instead reach for the odor absorbers that Dollar Tree also has.

Ultimately, Sarah believes that there can be better quality for the price on other items in the store and outside of it for your needs.

Sarah says that the Dollar Tree candles are something to leave behind next time you shop


Sarah says that the Dollar Tree candles are something to leave behind next time you shopCredit: TikTok/sensationalfinds

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