I tried Trader Joe’s toothpaste and it has no toxins – but it tastes GROSS

TRADER Joe’s customers are taking to the internet with their reviews of the brand’s All Natural Anticavity Peppermint Toothpaste.

The product has over 200 reviews on Amazon and while most of them are positive, some customers had less-than-satisfying comments about the taste.


Customers expressed their distaste for Trader Joe’s all-natural toothpasteCredit: Trader Joe’s

“It has an unpleasant taste and doesn’t lather very well. I would not recommend this toothpaste,” wrote one customer.

Some said the product tasted similar to baking soda.

“Too much baking soda, after brushed my teeth didn’t feel clean,” wrote one person.

Others agreed, with one calling the baking soda taste “not so great” and another saying it made the product taste salty.

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“The peppermint taste does not mask the bitterness of the baking soda as well as one might hope.”

One customer titled their review “Tastes horrible,” before writing, “This stuff tastes awful. Threw it away.”

Others, however, were pleased with the taste.

One comment read: “Clean, fresh smile and breath. Refreshing, not-overpowering flavor. Ingredients enhanced my wellness purpose and overall mouth-health.

“Teeth feel squeaky-clean. Great value. I like how my teeth and gums feel after I use it. And, it’s a good price, at Trader Joe’s.”

While many comments focused on the flavor of the toothpaste, one reviewer claimed he was not pleased with the paste’s results.

Someone by the name of Jim claimed on the Amazon page for the product that the toothpaste did not effectively prevent tooth decay, although he admitted his dental situation was a bit complicated.

In their one-star review, the poster said that he chose the toothpaste because it claimed to not include much of “the nasty questionable materials” that are found in some other brands.

But the toothpaste left much to be desired, according to Jim.

Jim noted that his dental situation is a bit unique.

He added: “I have natural pits in my molars that are always in danger of forming dental caries,”

The poster claimed he had never had dental caries or acceleration of decay when using other brands.

They claimed that within three months of using the Trader Joe’s toothpaste, the pits in their molars “started to noticeably widen and deepen from simple visual inspection.”

While Jim advised readers to take his review “with a grain of salt,” he added that “it is something worth considering and adding to your mental calculus when deciding whether or not to try this product out.”

Despite Jim’s one-star review, Trader Joe’s All Natural toothpaste has an over Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Trader Joe’s for comment.

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