Ex-NYPD cop ‘raped by 3 officers & firefighter leaving her needing surgery’

A FORMER NYPD police officer claims she was repeatedly raped, sodomized and mentally tormented by her fellow officers over a period of five years – but said the DA’s Office declined to prosecute her case.

Maria Mendez filed an explosive federal lawsuit this week claiming she was repeatedly raped and assaulted by two officers, one detective, and a firefighter during her 14-year career.


Maria Mendez claims she was repeatedly raped and assaulted by two officers, one detective, and a firefighter during her 14-year careerCredit: The Sanders Firm, PC

Mendez, who resigned from the New York Police Department in January 2019, said she was also forced to ingest oxycodone, ecstasy and alcohol from the firefighter who would steal them from the homes of dead people.

The former cop’s lawsuit claims she suffered “physical deformities to her vagina and anus requiring surgical repair” from the “incalculable” amount of rapes she endured during the five-year period, which left her suicidal and suffering from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

She also claims FDNY firefighter Evan Santana raped her and forced her to buy opioids and other drugs he stole from the homes of dead people.

Mendez, a former officer at the 32nd Precinct who waived her right to anonymity through her lawyers, said she was abused and subjected to degrading comments in addition to being raped – and said she was ignored when she tried to report the crime.

She says she would tell her supervisors about the crimes only to be ignored or threatened


She says she would tell her supervisors about the crimes only to be ignored or threatenedCredit: The Sanders Firm, PC

Lieutenant Julio Calle, one of the men accused in Mendez’s suit, allegedly asked her to “spoon feed him in his bed because she’s Dominican” and forced her to suck her toes.

Mendez’s suit accused Sergeant Alfred Gallicchio of taking photos of a colleague while she pumped milk, and then daring an underling to steal the milk and drink it, which they did.

Gallicchio is also alleged in the suit to have made degrading remarks to Mendez like “Let me drink the p—y juice” and “I’ll lick your p—y all day” among others, and even asked her to perform threesomes.

When she turned to Filastini Srour, a woman lieutenant, for help, Srour allegedly failed to take the required action to investigate Mendez’s accusations.

She instead called Mendez a “slut” and told Mendez if she “didn’t stop making false allegations against good officers,” then Srour would “be forced to take action against her.”

A group chat between members of the department shared videos of Mendez getting raped and assaulted.

She said she required surgery following the violent attacks


She said she required surgery following the violent attacksCredit: The Sanders Firm, PC

High-ranking officers like Deputy Chief Michael Baker and Captain Neil Zuber even viewed them but did not act, the lawsuit claims.

Officer Ryan Marrero, Mendez’s former partner, apparently slipped her two two oxycodone pills and proceeded to rape and sodomize her on a regular basis, the lawsuit alleges.

Officer Jimmy Gutierres and Detective Michael Ganz are then accused of demanding sexual acts from Mendez after photos and videos of her rapes were shared in the department.

On one occasion, Marrero threatened to tell Mendez’s husband and show him her photos if she didn’t go to a Christmas party. When the party ended, he grabbed Mendez by the throat, shoved a handgun down her mouth and forced her into the backseat of his car.

There, Marrero raped her vaginally, anally, and orally, the suit alleges. He also told her to “shut the f–k up” when she told him to stop and said if she “doesn’t stop resisting,” he would take photos of her and send them to her husband.

Marrero then called Officer Peter Montalbano to join in “so he can have some fun too with a Dominican slut like her,” alleges the suit.

The suit alleges Mendez didn’t bother going to her superiors because “who would believe that a trained police officer could be sexually assaulted much less by another police officer,” and because she was ignored so many times before.

Mendez claims Marrero would repeatedly rape her “brutally punched,” “kicked” and “strangled” Mendez and forced his “fist” inside her anus and vagina.

In July 2019, the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau and members of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit interviewed Mendez.

They had reams of evidence to back up her claims, including mobile devices, 20 activity logs, and over 100 pairs of “soiled” underwear and a DNA sample.

However, she was told by the DA’s office that it wouldn’t prosecute her case because they couldn’t “prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has occurred.”

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