Biden ‘droned an innocent AID WORKER & seven children – not ISIS-K bomber’

THE Biden administration hit an innocent aid worker and seven children with a drone strike in Kabul that was meant for an ISIS-K bomber, according to a new report.

The Pentagon alleged that the August 29 airstrike hit a suicide bomber, but the new report says it actually took out an aid worker whose car was filled with water jugs.


The drone strike killed an innocent aid worker, according to the new reportCredit: AP
Zemari Ahmadi was reportedly killed in the strike


Zemari Ahmadi was reportedly killed in the strikeCredit: Family Handout

Zemari Ahmadi, 43, and nine members of his family, including seven children, were reportedly killed in the blast, his brother Romal Ahmadi told the New York Times.

The Pentagon initially painted the airstrike as a success, saying that only three civilians died in the process of taking out a threat.

However, the family has insisted that their 10 relatives were actually killed in the blast.

Days after the attack, President Joe Biden gave a speech where he discussed the US leaving Afghanistan by the August 31 deadline.

He applauded the US ability to strike terrorists and targets without boots on the ground after a suicide bomber took out 13 US service members and at least 169 Afghans outside of the Kabul airport days earlier.

“We struck ISIS-K remotely, days after they murdered 13 of our service members and dozen of innocent Afghans. And to ISIS-K, we are not done with you yet,” he said.

After the strike, Capt Bill Urban, spokesman for the US Central Command, said that the “self-defense” strike eliminated “an imminent ISIS-K threat to Hamad Karzai International Airport,” and that they were “confident we successfully hit the target.”

Urban also said that “significant secondary explosions” from the vehicle indicated that there was a substantial amount of explosive material in the car.

However, the Times report disputes the Pentagon’s claims about the secondary explosions.

Ahmadi, who worked for 14 years as a technical engineer in Afghanistan for charity group Nutrition and Education International, was seen in security footage filling containers with water at his employer’s office shortly before the strike.

The Times report says that drone operators weren’t surveilling Ahmadi’s home before the strike, but they were reportedly following what they believed to be his car.

Not long after the strike, ISIS militants used a white Toyota Carolla, the same model as the car Ahmadi drove, to launch missiles at Kabul’s airport, according to the report.

The Biden administration has not yet released a statement about the new allegations.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said US Central Command is still assessing the results of the airstrike in Kabul on August 29.

“We won’t get ahead of that assessment,” the statement said. “However, as we have said, no other military works harder than we do to prevent civilian casualties. 

“Additionally, as Chairman Milley said, the strike was based on good intelligence, and we still believe that it prevented an imminent threat to the airport and to our men and women that were still serving at the airport.”

Biden's administration said that the strike was in self-defense


Biden’s administration said that the strike was in self-defenseCredit: AFP
The airstrike also killed multiple children, according to the report


The airstrike also killed multiple children, according to the reportCredit: AP
The new report says Ahmadi and nine of his relatives were killed


The new report says Ahmadi and nine of his relatives were killedCredit: AP
Bidens bring flowers to wounded troops at Walter Reed hospital after president is slammed by ISIS bomb victims’ families

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