3 Wearable Tech Devices That Will Level Up Your Gaming Experience

3 Wearable Tech Devices That Will Level Up Your Gaming Experience
3 Wearable Tech Devices That Will Level Up Your Gaming Experience

The online gambling industry is very competitive, and online casinos are constantly on the lookout to adopt new technology to stay a step ahead of their competitors. Online casinos have been at the forefront of adopting new technology such as cloud gaming, gamification, blockchain, and improved gameplay. This is the case as well when it comes to the adoption of wearable tech devices by online casinos. After all, the global wearable tech industry is expected to touch $88.7 billion by 2027, and the online casinos that adopt them faster are likely to be at the forefront of online gambling.

1) The history of wearable tech

In the not-so-distant past, it was unthinkable that people would one day wear tiny computers on their wrists. However, now it’s become a reality. Wearable tech became mainstream in the early 2000s due to companies such as Apple that developed products like the iPod that could be worn as a clip-on or with bands.  

However, it was in 2010 when the earliest iterations of smartwatches focusing on fitness took off. Companies such as Garmin, Fitbit, and Samsung created smartwatches that forever changed wearable technology. Wearable tech has become mainstream, with many individuals owning wearable techs such as fitness bands, smartwatches, and more. Today, if you are looking to differentiate your business from your competitors, you need to be sure that you stand out from them on various parameters.

2) Casinos and smartwatches

Developers of online casino software are working to push out games that can be played on wearable tech like smartwatches. Even though it may seem pretty tricky to play casino games on a small circular or square screen, it is very much in the pipeline in the near future.  

Microgaming is a pioneer in smartwatch-based casino gaming, with games such as The Dark Knight Rises, Thunderstruck, and more. These online casino games eliminate unnecessary elements and place essential information on the screen of a smartwatch. Online casinos are at the forefront of incorporating smartwatches as peripheral accessories to enhance the online gaming experience using touch input. 

3) Adoption of Virtual Reality headsets

With Virtual Reality (VR) growing in popularity in the last few years, online casino operators are adopting VR to give their users a truly immersive and engaging experience. VR is great for players who don’t want to visit actual physical casinos but would love to experience games realistically in their own houses.  This is done with the help of a VR headset that depicts a casino environment in 3D. Of course, you do not need to use VR headsets to enjoy the best online casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, or Football Roulette.

4) Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are wearable glasses with an advanced interface. The way technology has developed, advanced smart glasses can now function like smartphones with LCD projection capabilities. As a result, smart glass users can use mobile applications, access GPS functions, and more. Even though smart glasses are illegal to use at land-based casinos, they can potentially be used to play online casino games offering players a life-like casino experience. Software developers have designed apps for the Google Glass, which is geared towards functions such as reading emails and accessing Google Maps. However, Google Glass has not really taken off in the consumer market and is used sparsely in enterprises. However, the Apple Glass is rumored to be releasing shortly and could potentially be used by online casinos to offer a truly immersive experience for their users. 

In Summary

Wearable tech has the potential of truly transforming the online casino industry. More and more online casino operators are supporting wearable tech as it allows their users to access their favorite games without needing to sit on their computers or pull out their smartphones.

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