5 Tips to Find the Right Images for Your Business Purposes

Today, most companies use stock photos and videos to create all kinds of content. Let’s say you want to share a blog post about live sports betting or new business services. With a beautiful picture, your post will get more likes so that a lot more people will find out about it. These 5 easy tips will help you easily pick up visuals for business purposes.

Find out What Your Audience’s Aesthetic Code Is

The aesthetic code refers to the key preferences of your existing and potential customers, specifically what your audience finds appealing. 

Try to remain flexible and consider what your audience wants. Try to find what they like aesthetically. Imagine a potential customer’s home interior, their favorite colors, or shapes. That way you can better understand your audience’s preferences and shape your brand image accordingly.

You can also make a list of things you think potential customers will like. This will allow you to find visual content that meets the aesthetic tastes of your audience.

Create a Moodboard That Illustrates Your Company’s Values

The first tip will help you understand the visual language of your target audience. But you’ll have to work harder to create a strong long-term relationship with them. To do this, you need to be able to inspire your audience with new ideas.

You can achieve this goal if you complement your ideas with illustrations. This approach will allow you to clearly deliver your message and get the desired emotional response at all stages of the sales funnel. 

A moodboard gives you the opportunity to showcase the benefits and solutions you offer your audience. You can use the moodboard as a guide before you start searching for the right images. 

Use A/B Testing and Analyze Metrics

Creating a powerful sales funnel takes a lot of effort and time. This process requires the use of analytics and regular testing. The goal is to achieve high conversions and marketing automation.

It’s essential to have multiple options for images, campaigns and messaging at each stage of your sales funnel. Conducting A/B testing will help you study customer behavior and find ways to increase conversion rates.

For example, at the interest stage of your sales funnel, you can try two different methods of reaching potential customers. The first method takes them to a landing page with a contact form to sign up for a free webinar. 

The second uses an explainer video in which you offer to subscribe to your blog to get regular updates on the topic. With this approach, you’ll know what your audience is more likely to respond to.

Track Visual Trends and Popular Topics

Trends will help you learn about important environmental, cultural, economic, political, and social issues. Find one that’s relevant to your business and use it to connect with your audience.

You can check your theory by posting a trendy picture and looking at the number of likes and comments you get from your target audience. 

Save the Content You Like

By saving vibrant and inspiring images in one place, you save time and create a valuable stockpile of content you can refer to whenever you need it. 

You can add files to your Favorites folder and always have great images on hand for any business purpose. Some stock picture platforms even have such a feature letting you do it much faster.

These 5 tips will streamline your search for marketing images. You no longer have to spend half a day choosing content. Now you can easily create an effective campaign with stock photos.

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