Tyson Fury’s long count vs Deontay Wilder was ‘down to error or corruption’

The claim came from Joe Rogan when he was discussing the fight on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

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Where does Tyson Fury’s win leave the world heavyweight scene?

Outspoken UFC commentator Joe Rogan claimed that the outcome of Tyson Fury‘s huge trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder was affected by “an error, or corruption”.

The Gypsy King claimed victory after knocking out his American opponent in the 11th round of their blockbuster Las Vegas bout.

But that was far from the whole story, as that final flourish came at the end of an action-packed thriller which will go down as one of the best heavyweight fights in history.

Wilder was floored three times in the bout, while Fury himself hit the canvas twice in the fourth round – with one of those moments sparking some controversy.

Some fans claimed the Briton was given a slow count by referee Russell Mora, before Fury got back to his feet and continued to fight.

Joe Rogan claimed referee Russell Mora gave Tyson Fury a slow count after being knocked down by Deontay Wilder


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Footage has since emerged showing that the reason for a slower count than usual was because Mora paused to tell Wilder that he needed to go back to a neutral corner while the count was being carried out.

But that didn’t stop fighting commentator Rogan from claiming that something more sinister might have been involved.

“This is what happened. The referee is supposed to go ‘One two…’ when the guy goes down. But if for any reason he has to interrupt the count… you’re supposed to pick up the count where the ringside counter has it,” he said on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“So there’s a guy who’s counting ringside, and he’ll keep the count going. So if you’re at ‘One, two,’ and then you’re like ‘Go to a neutral corner,’ that guy is supposed to be like ‘three, four, five,’ but he didn’t.

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“He went back to it, ‘three, four,’ but the guy had already been down for a couple seconds. Without a doubt it was a long count. I think it’s an error, or corruption. Most likely an error, most likely the guy’s panicking.”

Rogan is not the only big name in the UFC world to criticise the referee’s call, with former light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier also bemoaning the “crazy slow” count.

Despite his feelings about that moment, though, Rogan couldn’t help but gush over the incredible action on display during the fight.

“It was so crazy, it was so action filled. I mean, it was f****** amazing,” he said. “From Tyson Fury knocking Wilder down early, to Wilder looking like he was done.

Joe Rogan suggested the slow count was due to “an error, or corruption”


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“There’s maybe one or two other humans that have ever lived that can punch as hard as [Wilder]. He’s without a doubt one of the hardest punchers of all time. He’s a murderous puncher, but the level of skill was so evident.

“The difference is Tyson Fury is a masterful boxer, he’s masterful. The s*** that he did was amazing, and his strategy was amazing.

“Just stay glued to Deontay, wear on him, hang on him, make him work, and just drag him deeper and deeper into these f****** horrible waters filled with crocodiles.

“That’s what he did, and almost got knocked out doing it. That’s how dangerous Wilder is.”

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