Jake Paul boasts he made $100million from Tyron Woodley fight

Paul has claimed that he has made $100 million from his fight against Woodley on Sunday night, which he won via split decision in Cleveland and has offered the former champion a rematch

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Jake Paul beats former UFC champion Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul claims to have earned an unlikely $100million from his clash with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Paul outpointed Woodley over eight rounds in his home city of Cleveland with the judges awarding him victory by split decision.

And the 24-year-old has posted on Instagram claiming that he has earned over $100m from his fourth professional fight.

“When you get 10 per cent closer to becoming a billionaire.” Paul said.

Paul was given the sternest examination of his career to date having knocked out his previous three opponents inside two rounds.

And despite claiming the fight was the second-biggest selling pay-per-view of the year behind brother Logan’s exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather, Paul will likely have made significantly less than a nine-figure sum.

Paul celebrates after his split-decision victory over Woodley last night

The YouTube star has also invested in a venture capital fund in the sports-betting industry which may account for his pay-day claim.

His purse from the fight itself is likely to be in the low seven figures and could increase to beyond $10m thanks to his share of the PPV revenue.

Paul has been forward in his approach to making money in the boxing ring, and has emphasised the importance of “pay-per-view numbers” during the entirety of his career so far.

And he has also been active in campaigning for higher pay for all fighters during his rise in the sport, including in the UFC.

He told Showtime Sports : “I want to help fix that problem. I think we need to attack it in multiple ways. First, we need the sports to become more popular. More fans, more audience which will naturally put more revenue across the board. I think also voicing it.

“A lot of young fighters get sucked into long fight contracts by promoters and then they become a star and the promoters take all their money. Or in the case of the UFC, it’s really a monopoly where Dana White controls all these guys careers.

“He can make whatever fights happen, pay whoever he wants or pay them nothing.”

Paul’s next venture remains to be seen after his split-decision victory, with Tommy Fury seemingly in pole position to secure a showdown with the American.

But Paul also offered Woodley a rematch after the conclusion of the fight, despite Fury calling the YouTube star out during a confrontation that he later explained.

“Jake Paul’s squaring up to me, the whole thing but he’s seen me at ringside leaning over the ropes waiting to get in there and there’s Logan saying, ‘not right now’,” Fury said at the post-fight press conference.

“We can put everyone’s mind to rest and stop bulls***ing all the time and just say how it is, you either want the fight or not.

“I want the fight, and if you don’t, that’s fine just say it and I can go my way and you go yours, but stop using my name.”

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