Conor McGregor warned against falling into ‘Jon Jones territory’ after rants

McGregor has been warned by MMA analyst Chael Sonnen that his behaviour is ‘falling into Jon Jones territory’ after his recent deleted tweets aimed at Khabib Nurmagomedov and Michael Bisping

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Conor McGregor has been warned his out-of-cage antics are falling into Jon Jones territory.

The Irishman has suffered a broken leg injury in his recent first-round stoppage defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, and engaged with an explosive row with ‘The Diamond’ at the end of the contest, aiming expletives at both his opponent and wife.

He has since aimed a series of deleted tweets at former rival Khabib Nurmagomedov claiming to want to ‘eat his children’ and appearing to mock his late father, in addition to labelling Daniel Cormier a ‘fat drunk’ in a tirade of recent social media spats.

And Chael Sonnen who is notorious for defending the Irishman believes his behaviour is ‘falling into Jon Jones territory’ in recent weeks.

“Most recent, a week ago, I was irritated that Conor (McGregor) was deleting tweets. When you start tweeting late at night, high and/or drunk and then you delete them, you have now fallen into Jon Jones territory,” Sonnen revealed on his own YouTube video.

McGregor has attacked Michael Bisping and Khabib Nurmagomedov in his latest series of tweets


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“There is nothing about Jon’s career from a strategic standpoint that you want to mimic. Nothing. Go ahead and learn how he kicks the obliques, learn that spinning elbow, go right ahead.

“Not about career moves, you don’t want to be in Jon Jones territory, right. Conor’s fallen into that territory and I as defender cannot come out and defend a guy who doesn’t want to be defended.”

Jones legendary UFC career has threatened to be plagued by outside-of-the-cage issues throughout including two failed drug tests, and a series of his own deleted tweets that have been aimed at Dana White, the UFC and Stipe Miocic.

His erratic behaviour has now led to his current situation where he has been out of action since his victory over Dominick Reyes back in February 2020.

However Sonnen has revealed that McGregor has been using his recent deleted tweets as ‘marketing’ according to a member of McGregor’s ‘inner circle’.

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“I heard from Conor’s people, I hear from a guy in Conor’s inner circle,” Sonnen explained.

“He says ‘I’m a little surprised you fell for it’, and I say ‘oh is that right? What exactly is it I fell for?'”So this guy tells me I feel for it, he says ‘the only reason Conor deleted those tweets after sending them out late at night is to create talk and controversy’.

“He says to me ‘you think Conor doesn’t know how the internet works? You think Conor doesn’t know that once it sees cyber-space it never goes away?’

“‘You think Conor doesn’t know that it’s going to make headlines?’ Part of the marketing move was then to delete it, to have something even more to discuss and I feel for it, that’s what they said to me.”

McGregor has been backed in his bid to make a play for Kamaru Usman as he revealed his plan to pursue a route to the UFC welterweight title after his recovery from injury.

However Usman himself has shut down the claims asking the Irishman to stick to the likes of ‘Khabib and Diaz’ after making the plan public on social media.

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